Mitt Romney is a thorn in the side of Donald Trump.

The two-time failed Presidential candidate has worked furiously to sabotage his administration.

And he just said the two words that could elect a Democrat in 2020.

When Utah Senator Orrin Hatch announced his retirement, speculation heated up that Mitt Romney would run for his seat.

Romney appeared to put that to rest when he texted a friend “I’m running.”

Newsweek reports:

“After Utah Senator Orrin announced his retirement in early January, rumors swirled about former Governor of Massachusetts and former 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney making a bid for the seat. On Sunday, Romney reportedly texted a top Utah businessman a very blunt response.

“I’m running,” Romney wrote in a text to Utah top businessman Kem Gardner. 

Gardner called Utah Governor Gary Herbert last Saturday to read him the text confirmation, according to The New York TimesRomney ran for president on the Republican ticket in 2012, but has long been critical of President Donald Trump. The president even encouraged incumbent Senator Hatch to run for an eighth term to block Romney. However, Utah Governor Herbert thinks Trump and Romney can reconcile their differences.

“I think there is a willingness on both sides to say, ‘Look, we may disagree on stuff, we may have problems from our past, but what we ought to be looking toward is our future,'” Herbert told The Times about the tension between Romney and the president.”

If Romney runs for Senate he could use his new position to launch a primary challenge to Trump or a general election independent bid.

He is the fair haired boy of the anti-American, globalist wing of the GOP establishment that wants to subvert the nation’s sovereignty and destroy America’s culture by opening the borders to mass migration.

Money would be no object to a Romney campaign.

And right on cue, Romney took to twitter to side with the pro-amnesty lobby by defending the immigration status quo which favors country of origin over merit.

Trump would not be the first Republican President Romney betrayed.

During his failed 1994 Senate campaign, Romney famously bragged that he was an independent during the time of Ronald Reagan.

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