Mitch McConnell and his swamp critter allies threw all their weight behind Luther Strange in the Alabama Senate runoff.

But Trump supporters rallied to the candidacy of Judge Roy Moore and dealt McConnell and the establishment a crushing defeat.

Now Trump sealed McConnell’s fate with one phone call.

During the six-week runoff, McConnell and his allies poured millions of dollars to prop up establishment incumbent Luther Strange.

They outspent Judge Roy Moore – who made a name for himself by standing up for religious liberty while Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court – four to one.

But on primary day, Moore won a resounding 55-45 victory.

After the win, Trump called Roy Moore to congratulate him.

Moore made opposing Mitch McConnell for Majority Leader a central plank of his campaign.

And pundits in Washington speculated that McConnell would have been thrilled if his big money pals sat on their hands and tried to sabotage Moore against Democrat Doug Jones.

But Trump’s phone call – and statement that he would campaign for Moore if he won the runoff – should force Republicans to unite behind Moore’s candidacy.

Moore’s victory – and post-runoff support from Trump – will inspire challengers across the country to take on establishment Republicans more loyal to McConnell than Trump.

Already Tennessee’s Bob Corker – the picture of establishment moderate – announced his retirement in advance of Moore’s win.

He was sure to face an America First primary challenger and he quit rather than deal with a bloody primary fate.

If pro-Trump challengers emerge victorious in Arizona, Mississippi, and Nevada, it would create a tidal wave of anti-McConnell opposition that could force him to retire much in the same way John Boehner did in 2015.

We will keep you updated on the status of all of these races.