Barbie RogersAn armed standoff over illegal immigration – led by militia and armed U.S. citizens – is growing along the Texas border.

Patriot Hotline Leader, Barbie Rogers, has issued a national call for militia and other armed citizens to help create a blockade or human chain on the Texas border.

Rogers believes that the American people are fed up with 20 years of failed U.S. policy on immigration. She wants citizens to stand up and do what the federal government refuses to do.

For 20 years the federal government has promised to seal the border and has failed to accomplish anything of substance.

Rogers has a point, but I question the wisdom of offering a private call for private action to do what the federal government is tasked with first and the state government second.

Cooler heads can only wonder what Governor Rick Perry is doing to protect the border of Texas and address this growing crisis.

The Founding Fathers taught the concept of appealing to the lower magistrates before taking conflict and complaints with higher magistrates into one’s own hands.

The founders justified the war of independence from King George III by an appeal to the doctrine of interposition. It is time for Governor Perry to interpose himself between frustrated Texas militia and President Obama.

As the frustration escalates along the U.S. Texas border with Mexico, we hope that Governor Perry does his duty and quickly addresses this crisis publicly before it spirals out of control.

Newsmax reports that swelling numbers of citizens are mobilizing to shut down the border and stop the southern invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants – many of them children.

The town of Loredo, Texas may quickly become the next standoff point between frustrated and disgusted U.S. citizens and the federal government if Barbie Rogers’ call to blockade the border is successful.

Rogers, founder of the Patriots Information Hotline, said the call will “continue for days and weeks to come” and spread “to other points” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Rogers also said in an interview with Newsmax on June 27, 2014 that, “We are trying to contact every person and every patriot in the United States to go down and help do something the government should have done a long time ago. We’re trying to say that We the People are fed up.”

Rogers assured Ed Berliner of Newsmax that “no patriot out there on the line will fire first,” just like at Bundy Ranch.

Bundy Ranch was a confrontation between militia and armed citizens coming to the defense of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy in Nevada in March of 2014.

The BLM (U.S. Bureau of Land Management) was confronted by more than a thousand armed Americans attempting to stop rangers from the BLM from capturing and killing Bundy’s cattle.

Bundy Ranch ended peacefully, but the conflict in Loredo could easily escalate unless Governor Perry steps up to the plate and provides leadership.

The last thing the movement to restore liberty needs is for Barack Hussein Obama to have an excuse to gun down an angry mob of U.S. citizens who have legitimate grievances with the incompetent and corrupt federal government.

Fortunately, others seem to agree.

Newsmax also reported that critics of Barbie Rogers said, “You also have a situation where, if there are any bad actors and somebody gets hurt, this is going to end up to be a disaster.”

“It’s not a good idea,” said conservative commentator and political strategist Erica Holloway, “and probably not as wise as making sure the people that are supposed to be doing their jobs [in immigration enforcement] are doing their jobs.”