ISIS ArmyJordanian officials recently revealed that members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as ISIS) were trained in 2012 by U.S. military instructors at a secret base in Jordan.

This militant Sunni group has made violent advances through northern and western Iraq, videotaping executions of civilians and soldiers and taking over Mosul – Iraq’s second largest city.

ISIS’ ultimate goal is to create an Islamic caliphate state in Iraq and Syria based on Sharia law.

World Net Daily reported that in February 2012 the U.S., Turkey and Jordan ran a training base for Syrian rebels in the northern Jordan town of Safawi. This report has been corroborated by Reuters and the German weekly Der Spiegel.

Of course, this raises the obvious question: Why did the American military train dangerous Islamic militants?

Answer: Because they were being trained with the intent of overthrowing the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

Jordanian officials claimed these Syrian rebels were screened to ensure they had no ties to Al-Qaeda or any other overly radical Islamic group. They also said that this training had no intention of being used in Iraq.

However, these good foreign policy intentions have backfired on the Obama Administration in a big way. Especially since the President declared an end to combat operations in Iraq nearly four years ago.

It appears that these U.S.-trained forces were better prepared than their Iraqi counterparts. Many American-trained Iraqi soldiers threw down their weapons and uniforms or didn’t offer much resistance to the invading Islamic forces.

The Jordanian officials who spoke to World Net Daily are also concerned this sectarian violence will spill over into their country.

It’s hard to put the outrage about this scandal into words, but we’ll give it a shot. Based on the numerous scandals before this one, the Obama Administration is the most corrupt — and either the most incompetent or treasonous — in American history.