A riot in Charlottesville turned deadly over the weekend when one woman was tragically killed.

Donald Trump quickly condemned the violence but the media spent days lying about his comments.

Then Vice President Mike Pence said something that left everyone speechless.

The protests in Charlottesville turned deadly when white supremacists clashed with left-wing anti-fa demonstrators.

One of the white supremacists plowed his car into a crowd of people and killed an innocent woman.

Trump condemned the attacks and said violence has no place in America.

Trump also noted that violence has been happening on many sides.

Black Lives Matter and anti-fa have turned protests into violent rallies.

And a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate Republican members of Congress.

But the media focused more on Trump’s remarks than the horrible tragic death that occurred.

Vice President Pence blasted the hatred on display and called out the perpetrators.

But he also ripped the media for their focus on Trump’s remarks and their dishonest coverage.

Pence’s comments about the media also speak to a larger point.

The media and the left took the opportunity to use a protest by a small, fringe group of white supremacists to somehow be speaking for Donald Trump’s base of 63 million people.

But when groups the media sympathizes with engage in violence, they take care to note it was just an isolated incident.

Trump spoke out against the violence and hatred.

The media pitched a fit because they didn’t like what he said, but Vice President Pence was correct to note Trump rejected violence and bigotry while trying to unite the nation around eradicating the problem of political violence on all sides.