Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have no idea they just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

They prepared to draw a line in the sand on the fight over funding Trump’s border wall.

But then the migrant caravan revealed a truth that turned Schumer’s life into a nightmare.

The unfolding crisis at the Southern border is putting Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in a bind.

Funding for the Department of Homeland Security, as well as thirty percent of funding for the federal government, expires on December 21.

President Trump picked this fight because he knows it is his last chance to win funding for his proposed border wall.

Trump cited that the thousands of migrants marshaling into Mexico has heightened the urgency to secure funding for the wall.

The President tweeted, “Arizona, together with our Military and Border Patrol, is bracing for a massive surge at a NON-WALLED area. WE WILL NOT LET THEM THROUGH. Big danger. Nancy and Chuck must approve Border Security and the Wall!”

Fake news reporters and Democrats accused President Trump of fearmongering on the issue.

But the facts on the ground demonstrate that if anything, President Trump may not have been selling the danger enough.

The Associated Press reported that migrants realized they could tunnel under the border fence or climb over it in small groups.

This allowed them to seek out U.S. Border Patrol agents to claim asylum.

The Associated Press reports:

Over two nights last week, Associated Press journalists saw more than a dozen migrants taking the risk. A woman wearing a blue-beaded rosary waited with her children to see where they could cross. A Salvadoran migrant hid as he dug a hole in the sand under the wall. In the dark of night, migrants could be seen walking up a hill inside U.S. territory toward agents waiting to detain them.

Trump tried to put into place policies that would have automatically denied asylum to migrants caught entering the country illegally, but rogue judges acted lawlessly and blocked the move.

But reports of illegal aliens easily overcoming the shoddy border fence proves America needs sturdier border security.

And it’s made Chuck Schumer look ridiculous.

He is set to visit the White House to try and avert a government shutdown.

But his only offer is $1.3 billion dollars for border fencing.

Migrants easily surmounting the current fence render this proposal laughable.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise appeared on Fox News and blasted the Democrats offer as unacceptable.

“The number is $5 billion. If there is a better way to get there than what the president has laid out, then they need to come with an alternative,” Scalise stated. “They can’t come and say they want to shut the government down for no reason because they don’t want border security.”

This fight will be coming to a head in the coming weeks.

Democrats can no longer pretend that America’s current border security is adequate to repel future migrant caravan invasions.

And that gives Trump the political advantage in this fight.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.