The fake news media does not want you to know the truth about the migrant caravan.

That caravan is hiding something.

And it’s a secret that should terrify every American.

The Migrant Caravan Is Hiding A Terrifying Secret

Donald Trump sounded the alarm about the migrant caravan.

He warned Americans that thousands of migrants were trying to invade the country.

The fake news media rose up in opposition.

They spread lies to try and discredit Trump.

Fake news “journalists” claimed the caravan was weeks away from the border.

The fake news also tried to push the falsehood that the caravan was made up of refugees fleeing violence in their countries.

But the reality is that the caravan is made up of economic migrants.

These are not women and children running away from persecution.

This is an invasion designed to change America’s culture and economy.

Big business wants a steady flow of cheap labor to depress the wages of American workers.

So migrants show up at the border and repeat the lie about fleeing violence to try and scam the asylum system.

But the caravan and all the attention the media has given them actually hides an even bigger problem.

Illegal Immigration Spiked In The Fall

Donald Trump put a zero-tolerance policy in place last spring to stop illegal aliens from trying to invade the country.

The government prosecuted everyone caught entering the country illegally.

And because of the 1997 Flores Consent Decree, the government was forced to separate children from their families.

Of course, the fake news media launched into a smear campaign that accused Trump of putting children in cages and acting like a modern day Hitler.

But this policy worked for the time it was put in place.

Arrests at the border declined.

Then when Trump reversed the policy, arrests at the border began to surge again.

In October, the Border Patrol arrested over 21,000 migrant family members.

That was the highest number ever recorded.

That broke the previous record set in September when Border Patrol arrested 16,658 migrant family members entering the country illegally.

Around 4,000 migrants make up the caravan marching toward the United States’ southern border.

In September and October, the Border Patrol arrested the equivalent of the caravan trying to infiltrate America per week.

This is a national crisis.

Donald Trump Prepares To Take Action

The fake news media lies about the caravan.

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So-called “journalists” support open borders and mass migration because they know that when the illegal aliens get amnesty, they usually turn into Democrat voters.

These millions of new voters will allow Democrats to turn red states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas into blue states like California and New York.

But Trump knows there is a crisis.

And he is preparing to take action.

The Washington Post reports Trump will soon remove Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Nielsen – who is known as Lady DACA – supports amnesty and is a George W. Bush loyalist.

Trump wants someone running Homeland Security who will crack down on illegal immigration and help Trump stop the migrant invasions.

The Post reports Nielsen angers Trump by always trying to tell him why this can’t be done.

But with migrants streaming across the border in record numbers, Trump needs a team in place that shares his vision of protecting America from this economic invasion.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.