Michelle 2.21

The Democratic primaries for president in 2020 are heating up.

And while there are already roughly a dozen candidates in the race, pollsters are asking Democrats about even more.

And you won’t believe what Michelle Obama may be about to do to Donald Trump.

It seems everyone who is anyone in the Democratic Party is running for president.

From California to Massachusetts, Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to get a chance to run against President Trump in November 2020.

But while new candidates announce almost on a weekly basis, there are still two major names who haven’t yet gotten into the race.

And while it’s still unclear whether or not either will ultimately throw their hat into the ring, Democratic pollsters are already including them in their surveys.

And the results are stunning.

On Tuesday, a Hill-HarrisX poll was released showing the state of the Democratic race for president.

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden were leading the pack.

With the former First Lady and the former Vice President each sharing 25% of the preferred vote among those who responded, the poll shows Obama and Biden are tied for the top spot.

This news follows recent trends, which have shown Democrats preferring Biden to nearly any other candidate included in the race thus far.

But the inclusion of Michelle Obama has thrown a wrench in things.

While Obama has shown no indication that she intends to run, if she chooses to get into the race, she would likely find herself at the top of the pack overnight.

Coming in a distant third place in the poll is California Senator Kamala Harris, who takes just 12% of the results.

Harris is followed by Bernie Sanders at 11%. Sanders was just the latest candidate to jump into the race.

The remaining candidates languish in the single digits, if they even show up at all.

This poll, while taken nearly a year out from the first elections of the primary cycle, demonstrate something remarkable.

A full 50% of the Democratic electorate prefers a candidate who hasn’t even gotten into the race yet.

That speaks volumes about the current crop of candidates who have jumped in.

Half of all Democratic voters don’t want them, and they’re willing to tell pollsters that they support two candidates who have not only thus far not announced a run, but it’s not even clear if they will ever jump into the race in the first place.

While this poll is certainly good news for Biden and Obama, if one or both decides to run, it’s hard to read the results of this as anything other than an unmitigated disaster for those who have already jumped in.

With so many candidates running for the nomination, it’s easy to see how each of them could fail to make a major breakthrough in such a crowded field.

The stakes are even higher than before as every candidate who decides to get into the race must make a name for themselves or they risk falling into irrelevancy.