Democrats are desperate to remove Donald Trump from office.

And the left has settled on one dream candidate for 2020: former First Lady Michelle Obama.

And she left a crowd in silence when she said the five words that revealed the truth about her plans to run against Trump in 2020.

Obama was speaking at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles.

The former First Lady once again denied rumors and said “it doesn’t matter who runs” when speaking about people urging her to run for President:

The Hill reports:

“The remark came in an interview with actress Tracee Ellis Ross at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles when Obama appeared to respond to an audience member urging her to seek office.

“Well, that’s a whole other story because, that’s not the answer either. And when I hear people say, ‘you run,’ it’s part of the problem. We still didn’t get ‘yes we can’ right,” she said, referencing her husband’s 2008 presidential campaign slogan. “It’s not ‘yes you can,’ it’s ‘yes we can.’ And until we get that right, it doesn’t matter who runs.”

Obama, who has repeatedly said she has no plans to run for office, called the search for a unifying president a “distraction.”

“Change starts close to home. So looking for the next person to run … I don’t mean to cut that off, but that’s been our distraction,” she said. ” ‘We’re going to wait for the next person to save us.’ We thought it was going to be Barack Obama, but he didn’t end racism.”

Obama also made headlines at the Summit when she blasted female Trump supporters because Obama claimed they weren’t “comfortable” with the idea of a woman being President.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Former first lady Michelle Obama slammed female supporters of President Donald Trump on Saturday and claimed they voted against Hillary Clinton before they aren’t “comfortable” with the idea of a woman president.

“In light of this last election I’m concerned about women, about how we think about ourselves and each other. I think more about what is going on in our heads where we let that happen,” Obama said when speaking at the United State of Women Summit.

“So I do wonder what young girls are dreaming about when we’re still there when the most qualified person running was a woman, and look what we did instead,” Obama said. “Women are still suspicious of one another” and hold themselves to a higher standard than men, she claimed.

“If we’re not comfortable with the notion that a woman could be president, compared to what?” The former first lady asked, to rousing cheers from the audience.”

It’s no wonder Michelle Obama doesn’t want to run for President.

She suffers from the same failed mindset that helped sink Hillary Clinton.

Clinton famously referred to a large portion of Trump voters as “deplorable.”

Obama’s remarks about female Trump supporters makes it clear she holds disdain for Americans who don’t share her politics in her heart.

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