For eight years Michelle Obama received fawning press.

Her every move was glorified and praised.

But now the truth is being told and it’s not good news for her.

Fox and Friends recently aired a piece where they compared the coverage of former First Ladies to Melania Trump, specifically Michelle Obama.

Newsweek attacked Melania Trump for wearing high heels because liberal feminists believe the shoes are designed to please men.

While Melania Trump was attacked for her fashion sense – despite the fact she was a successful super model – Michelle Obama was praised as a fashion icon.

Fox News reports:

“Likewise, a recent piece in Forbes said that Melania Trump is fashionable, but she’s unlikely to become a fashion icon like Michelle Obama.

“Becoming an icon is about more than just a pretty face and an international platform,” author Rachelle Bergstein wrote, arguing that the current first lady sticks to a “classic style” while the former first lady “captured the zeitgeist in fashion.”

“Trump is gorgeous like an actress at the Oscars, with a dash of Real Housewife thrown in. She’s polished, but she’s not inspiring,” Bergstein wrote.

On “Fox & Friends,” Steve Kurtz said the Trump women are “fair game” because of their association to President Trump.

“I think the general rule with first ladies is that they’re off limits,” Kurtz said. “They’re not elected, they’re not setting public policy. You just leave them alone.”

He said that has apparently changed and the rules are being rewritten for the Trump presidency.

“If Michelle Obama and Melania switched clothes … I think they would still like Michelle’s clothes and call her a fashion icon,” Kurtz said. “And they wouldn’t really go for what Melania’s wearing these days or anything. It doesn’t really matter what.”

Steven Kurtz of Fox News also compared how the New Yorker wrote about Melania Trump and Michelle Obama:

“Eight years ago, when Barack Obama was our new president, the press treated his wife Michelle with something close to a sense of wonder.

In the March 16, 2009, issue of The New Yorker, they wrote about her contribution to White House fashion:

“[H]er legacy may well be to show women how to move gracefully from the insecurities of youth into a sophisticated and stylish maturity. […] Michelle Obama reminds women that they can make a place for vanity in their lives, and that, when they do, a little fashion can be supremely empowering.”

On the other hand, Melania, who was an actual fashion model, got this snide comment in the March 1 issue of The New Yorker:

“[T]he very last thing Melania aspired to be was First Lady. If she makes it seem to be an unenviable role, that is understandable, though to an outside observer it hardly seems worse than being Mrs. Donald Trump.”

Michelle Obama was placed on a pedestal by a fawning media.

They praised her outfits, glorified the causes she championed and rated her as the most effective political surrogate in the 2012 and 2016 campaigns.

It was all fake news.

Her fashion sense was aided by the best designers in the world.

Her main accomplishment as First Lady – the healthy lunch program – was hated by children and rolled back by Trump.

And no one cared about her speeches in 2016.

The American people rejected Hillary Clinton running for her husband’s third term.

Her greatness was a figment of the media’s imagination.

And as Fox and Friends points out, that same media is busy trying to tear down Melania Trump.


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