Michelle ObamaFormer First Lady Michelle Obama is used to fawning press coverage and royal treatment.

Obama is not used to events going sideways.

And Michelle Obama lost her mind when she suffered this crushing defeat.

Michelle Obama recently released a memoir entitled “Becoming”, to much media fanfare.

It shot to the top of the bestsellers list.

The media cheered this development.

However, popular Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro also recently released a book entitled “Radicals, Resistance and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America”, which outsold Obama’s book and should have taken over the top spot on the New York Times bestsellers list.

But despite this fact, the New York Times lists “Radicals, Resistance and Revenge” as third in its bestsellers ranking despite the fact that Pirro’s book sold more copies than the two works listed above it.

Breitbart News exclusively reports:

Statistics shown to Breitbart News by an NPD Bookscan subscriber show that in the past week, Judge Jeanine Pirro’s book has dominated the competition in terms of weekly book sales, with 26,950 books sold in launch week.

However, this does not appear to be reflected in the New York Times bestseller list, which currently places Jeanine’s book third in the rankings, behind Michelle Obama’s Becoming — despite the fact that the latter has far fewer weekly sales.

According to the NPD Bookscan figures sent to Breitbart News, Becoming had 9,677 sales in the past week, less than half that of Pirro’s book — yet it’s ahead of Pirro’s in the NYT rankings, at second place.

In first place is Educated by Tara Westover. According to the NPD Bookscan data, this book had 20,547 total weekly sales — higher than Obama’s book, but lower than Pirro’s. Yet the New York Times places it in first place in its rankings.

This is because the New York Times bestseller list is as fake as the news the paper publishes.

When the author William Blatty sued the New York Times in the early 1980s over his book – “The Exorcist” being omitted from the bestseller list, the Times made a shocking confession.

During the case, the Times admitted that their bestseller list was not a pure ranking of books sold.

Instead, the Times argued that their bestseller list was an editorial work and thus protected under the First Amendment.

The court accepted the argument that the Times used its editorial judgment in ranking books and dismissed Blatty’s lawsuit.

Ranking Pirro below Michelle Obama is another example from recent months of the Times weaponizing their bestseller list against conservative authors.

Earlier this year, talk show host Mark Levin’s book ranked number five on the New York Times bestseller list when in fact sales figures showed Levin’s work sold the second largest number of books in America.

The ranking for Michelle Obama’s book was a sham.

The New York Times boosted its position because the Times worships everything Obama.

Fake rankings on the New York Times bestseller list to benefit liberals and injure the chances of success for books by pro-Trump authors is another reason Americans should not trust what they read in the so-called “mainstream” media.

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