Megyn Kelly jumped feet first into the NFL anthem protesting controversy.

Her time at NBC is off to a disastrous start and she is hunting for ways to appeal to viewers.

But her latest comments drove a dagger through what was left of her career.

Polls show overwhelming majorities of Americans agree with Donald Trump that NFL players should stand for the national anthem.

Kelly disagreed with the President and backed the players’ protests. reported:

“One day after new NBC daytime host Megyn Kelly said she was “done with politics for now,” the former Fox News anchor weighed in on NFL players protesting police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem — an action President Donald Trump has spent the last five days attacking in speeches and on Twitter.

“I have a different take on that whole situation with the NFL,” Kelly said on Tuesday’s TODAY show. “I practiced law for nine years and I am a lover of the First Amendment. And I think, in a way, this whole situation underscores some of the beauty of our country. Because those players have every right to take a knee. And those who object to it have every right to say they object. Whether it’s to stand shoulder to shoulder or to boycott. That’s America, right?…

… Said Kelly on Tuesday: “I believe the fundamental principle, the bedrock of the First Amendment is the answer to speech we do not like is not less speech, it’s more speech.” She added, “I just sort of think, ‘Go USA.’ That’s my feeling watching it.”

Her comments were seen by many as a cynical ploy to play to the liberal viewers she will need to attract now that she is on NBC.

Kelly’s Sunday night magazine show was yanked from the schedule eight episodes into its ten-episode run.

And her new daytime talk show is off to a rocky start.

The reviews have been brutal.

The Washington Post wrote of her debut episode:

“The debut was like watching a network try to assemble its own Bride of Frankenstein, using parts of Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Ripa and whatever else it can find. The resultant lovely creature, dressed in a mauve, pussy-bow blouse and skintight pants, moved stiffly and waved her arms around in broad gestures in a bizarre attempt to generate excitement from an audience that was already standing and cheering as duly instructed. She interviewed people nervously and so awkwardly that they were cowed into giving monosyllabic answers. She also never missed an opportunity to talk about herself.

Most of the episode devolved into an intentionally meta hall of mirrors, inviting the audience to admire Kelly as much as Kelly admires Kelly — a morning TV show about the birth of a morning TV show. There was lots of talk about what “Megyn Kelly Today” will be, mostly by way of what it won’t be. (That’s always a bad sign.)”

The ratings did not provide any comfort.

Deadline reported:

“Megyn Kelly Today clocked good/inconclusive numbers for her launch as the latest member of NBC News’ Today show franchise. Monday’s NBC unveiling of the former Fox News star logged 2.93 million total viewers, 917,000 of whom fell into the so-called news demo: adults 25-54.

The jury’s still out as to what this means. Compared to same day/same timeslot last year, Kelly was down 4% in overall audience, down 11% in the news demo and own 15% in female news-demo viewers who, in theory, are the show’s target crowd.”

Kelly is seen by pundits and many liberal viewers as a former Fox News host.

Her support for the NFL protests could be an attempt to shake off that label and show liberal viewers and media critics she is not some knee-jerk conservative.

But will it work?

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