Megyn Kelly made her name feuding with Donald Trump.

And everyone expected her to pick up her fight with Trump when she jumped over to the liberal NBC.

But Megyn Kelly went on TV and did the last thing anyone ever expected.

Megyn Kelly Stuns Viewers

The former Fox News anchor tried to take down Trump in the first Republican Presidential debate.

She also helped take down former Fox News President Roger Ailes.

Kelly’s claims that Ailes sexually harassed her was the final straw in Fox News removing Ailes.

So when she appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball to discuss Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, the network’s liberal viewers were in for a surprise.

Kelly sided against Christine Ford.

Ford claimed Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a high school party 36 years ago.

Republicans offered her a chance to tell her story.

They said it could be done in public or private.

They even offered to fly to her home in California.

At first, Ford’s lawyer claimed she wanted to testify.

Republicans said a hearing would be held on Monday September 24th.

But Ford waived her desire to testify as that date approached.

Her lawyer claimed Ford would only testify if the FBI first investigated her claim.

Americans looked suspiciously at this turn of events.

Senate Democrats promoted the exact same talking point.

Ford’s accusation looked political and not legitimate.

Megyn Kelly Takes On Christine Ford

Kelly tackled Ford’s change of heart about testifying.

She pointed out that Republicans gave her multiple options to tell her story.

“I think Dr. Ford is running out of options,” Kelly said.

“I think she needs to show up on Monday and offer her testimony if she wants to be heard because for better or for worse, she is not in charge of this. The Senate is in charge of this,” she continued.

Ford’s lawyer claimed she would not testify because the Senate only planned to call two witnesses: Ford and Kavanaugh.

Her lawyer stated there were other witnesses at the party and the Senate should call them as well.

Kelly explained that it was up to the committee to set the terms of the investigation, not Ford.

She stated, “That committee is in charge of this and their obligation is to provide advice and consent to the president on his judicial nominee so they get to decide what will inform that decision.”

“She’s rejected all of those. Senator Cornyn is right. She isn’t in a position to demand protocols. It’s not her right,” Kelly finished.

Other witnesses would not help Ford.

She named two other boys at the party – one of whom she claimed was in the room when Kavanaugh attacked her.

Both denied being at the party.

Many Americans believe Ford is looking for any excuse not to tell her story under oath.

They see many red flags with her claims.

Kelly pointing out that she is arguing over the terms of the investigation leads many Americans to believe she is just trying to stall for time in order to help the Democrats delay a vote on Kavanaugh.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.