Since Megyn Kelly began her feud with Donald Trump her career has been in a downward spiral.

She fled Fox News under a cloud of controversy to join liberal leaning NBC.

Now she is experiencing a turn of events that could end her career.

NBC announced Kelly’s Sunday night news program would go off the air early.

It was originally scheduled for a 10 episode run before going on hiatus for football season.

But dismal ratings led NBC to yank the show from the schedule after just eight episodes.

Breitbart reports:

“The initial run of Megyn Kelly’s Sunday newsmagazine show will reportedly be taken off the air at least two episodes earlier than scheduled because of her disastrous ratings.

Last week, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly set another viewership low with just 2.71 million total viewers. In the last three weeks, her show has failed to beat the years-old Dateline rerun the network ran in her show’s time slot when Kelly took a week off during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

According to the New York Post, “Kelly’s ratings-challenged Sunday show was announced as a limited” run that would return after the football season. The network was reportedly angling for at least ten episodes but apparently decided to end Kelly’s misery after eight episodes as Kelly’s downward spiral in the ratings did not stop.”

The bad news for Kelly did not stop even after her show was off the air.

NBC aired a rerun of Dateline in her show’s timeslot and a years-old program drew better ratings than the first run episodes of her Sunday night magazine show.

To make matters worse, that rerun of Dateline drew a bigger audience than every episode of Kelly’s show other than the much hyped premier.

Deadline reports:

NBC, which had an all-repeat lineup, aired a Dateline rerun at 7 PM, which drew 4 million viewers and a 0.6 rating in 18-49, outperforming last week’s season finale of Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly in the time slot (3.5 million, 0.5 rating). What’s more, only the Sunday Night series premiere drew larger audience and bigger demo rating that the Dateline rerun that replaced it last night.

Kelly’s show got off to a rough start where reviewers blasted her interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

These liberal media critics were furious Kelly wasn’t tougher on Putin.

In their fever dreams, they expected Putin to admit he rigged the 2016 election.

The reaction to her Putin interview summed up her problem.

She had alienated her conservative audience at Fox News with her attacks on Donald Trump.

Kelly came across as an agenda driven activist who had made it her mission to destroy Trump’s campaign.

This won her praise from liberal journalists.

But once she moved to NBC her liberal admirers quickly turned on her.

Now there is speculation that her show won’t return from hiatus at all.

NBC claims the show will be back after football season and the 2018 Winter Olympics.

But the months-long break gives NBC cover to quietly cancel the show without having to admit to such a high profile failure.