Megyn Kelly jumped into the Stormy Daniels scandal.

The failing NBC anchor inserted herself into the story in a desperate bid to save her career and her ratings.

But Kelly ended up sealing her own fate with the interview.

Kelly had Michael Avenatti – Stormy Daniels’ attorney – on her show.

Avenatti had been making the liberal media rounds to drum up publicity for Daniels’ lawsuit to free herself from a confidentiality agreement she signed in October 2016 after accepting $130,000 from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Avenatti probably thought he was entering a safe harbor by going on Kelly’s show considering her past feuds with the President and having provided a safe platform for other Trump accusers to make their case.

But that was not the experience Avenatti got.

Kelly destroyed his arguments and exposed the lawsuit as a gimmick.

The Daily Caller reports:

“One of Avenatti’s claims is that the hush agreement Daniels signed about her alleged affair with the president is invalid because Trump never signed it. However, Kelly pointed out that the agreement only required either Trump or his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to sign.

“[Cohen] could bind himself to that $130,000 and she signed it and she cashed the check,” Kelly argued.

Kelly also noted that the agreement required Daniels to turn over any proof she had of the alleged affair, yet Avenatti recently teased a DVD on his Twitter account, implying that Daniels had broken that term of the agreement.

“Well, so you’re saying they didn’t live up to their obligations, and now there’s a question about whether she did,” Kelly explained.

Avenatti and Kelly then got into a debate over whether or not Daniels should return the $130,000 since she detailed the alleged affair on “60 Minutes.”

“It’s not fair for her to keep the $130,000 while she’s already been on ’60 Minutes,’ telling about the whole affair, right?” Kelly said.”

Kelly also ripped apart Avenatti’s claim that Daniels was being silenced.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Kelly incredulously responded, “Not having an opportunity to tell her story? 22 million people watched the ’60 Minutes’ interview!”

The hits on Avenatti just kept coming, as the audience burst into laughter when Avenatti claimed that his client is a “principled woman.”

“She wanted the money,” Kelly asserted. “Why didn’t she just talk 11 days before the election? Come on. She wanted the dough.”

Liberal NBC viewers were probably expecting Kelly to assist in the effort to use the Daniel scandal to take down Trump.

Instead she revealed this lawsuit as built on a house of cards.

Unfortunately for Kelly, this will not help build her relationship with left-wing viewers.

Kelly has struggled since jumping from Fox because liberals will always associate her with the conservative news network.

This interview will only continue to keep them from watching her show.

And Kelly’s low ratings could eventually force NBC to make a final decision about her career.