Megyn Kelly is in hot water again.

And it’s all because she continues to attack Donald Trump.

Now five words have ruined her career.

Megyn Kelly’s struggling daytime talk show tried to pick up steam in the ratings by reverting to what made Kelly a household name in the liberal media – her feud with Donald Trump.

Kelly had Juli Briskman on her show for an interview.

Briskman became a household name when she rode her bicycle alongside Donald Trump’s motorcade and flipped him the middle finger.

She was fired from her job as a result of her obscene disrespect for the President.

Briskman now hopes to work at one of Planned Parenthood’s baby killing mills.

And Kelly had her on for a softball interview where they celebrated the “resistance” to Trump— because rude gestures and hating Trump is “what America is all about.”

The Washington Times reports:

“NBC’s Megyn Kelly says a Virginia woman who recently made international headlines for giving President Trump’s motorcade the middle finger represents “what America is all about.”

Juli Briskman was fired from Akima LLC shortly after a photograph of her flipping off the president on Oct. 28 spread on social media. The woman, who now hopes to land a job at Planned Parenthood or a similar organization, agreed to a “Megyn Kelly Today” interview to share her story before a live studio audience.

“To me it speaks uniquely to what America is all about,” Ms. Kelly said. “You can do that. That’s the beauty of a free society, whether you love President Trump or hate him you are allowed to tell the president how you feel about him — whether it’s President Obama or President Trump that’s one of our core ideals.”

Ms. Briskman told the host that she agreed to the interview because a coworker was not fired for writing an offensive post on Facebook. She previously told the Huffington Post that a fellow Akima employee had been allowed to delete comments in which he had called someone a “*^%$ libtard @#$%^.”

Akima denied requests to speak publicly on the matter, but a statement on its website says it “expects its employees, officers and directors to exercise good judgment and maintain high ethical standards in all activities which affect Akima. Every Akima employee is held to these standards.”

“Do you regret doing it?” Ms. Kelly asked.

“I don’t regret doing it,” the guest said. “No. I think we have a big problem in this country.”

Kelly was gambling that sucking up to the latest viral star of the “resistance” would put her in the good graces of NBC’s liberal viewers.

She has already alienated conservative viewers after her feud with Donald Trump and her controversial move from Fox News.

If this play succeeds, Kelly will end up like other so-called “conservatives” like John McCain, John Kasich, and Jeff Flake who are useful idiots for the left to tear down other conservatives and promote liberalism.

But by celebrating a liberal extremist – whose dream is to work for organization that promotes ending innocent human life – Kelly ruined whatever was left of her career.

All of her shows on NBC have failed and the clock is ticking as to when they get rid of her.