Megyn Kelly is off to a rocky start at NBC.

Her ratings are in a free fall and there is speculation her show may be canceled.

Now she just experienced a setback she never expected.

Kelly reached out to Kelly Ellis — a former Google employee who tweeted out that she was sexually harassed by her superiors — to interview her for her show.

Ellis responded by rejecting Kelly’s overtures.

Breitbart reports:

A female tech worker in Silicon Valley says she rejected NBC News talent Megyn Kelly’s interview request about sexual harassment in the tech industry.

On Twitter, Kelly Ellis, who apparently (@justkelly_ok) has called out Google superiors for sexual harassment in the past, revealed this week that “she got off the phone with NBC producers” once she found out she was being contacted for a segment on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.

“It saddens me since the story itself needs major national attention, but a racist doing a show about harassment undermines the whole thing,” Ellis continued, adding that she felt “good” that she was “able to express that directly to a producer and make clear that” she was declining to participate because of Kelly.

Ellis tweeted out that the reason she refused the interview request was that she considers Kelly a racist.

Ellis is likely referring to a segment Kelly did where she stated that Santa Claus was white.

Kelly also drew the ire of liberals for her coverage of the controversy surrounding members of the New Black Panther Party patrolling Philadelphia voting precincts during the 2008 election.

Ellis’ accusations of racism against Kelly speak to a challenge she faces.

Since she appeared on Fox News, liberals will always assume she is a racist.

And after her attacks on Donald Trump, conservatives will view her as someone who will throw them under the bus to get into the good graces of the liberal media.

This leaves her without an ideological fan base.

And it would go a long way toward explaining her inability to attract an audience on NBC.