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Megyn Kelly left Fox News after feuding with Donald Trump.

Kelly’s career then hit rock bottom.

But now Megyn Kelly is making a comeback that Donald Trump never saw coming.

Megyn Kelly left Fox News for NBC after feuding with Donald Trump.

NBC offered Kelly – who Fox installed on January 3, 2017 in the 9PM hour as the future face of the network’s primetime lineup – a reported three year, 69-million-dollar contract.

Kelly suffered a rude awakening upon joining NBC as the network’s liberal staffers and on-air talent resented someone from Fox News signing such a lucrative contract and being handed multiple high-profile assignments.

NBC fired Kelly in the fall of 2018 after liberal snowflakes complained about a comment Kelly made about Halloween costumes and blackface.

Many of President Trump’s supporters thought that was the end of Kelly’s career.

But recently, Kelly announced on social media that she was starting a podcast as part of her independent media company.

“Some news: I am launching a podcast this month. It’ll be free & available pretty much everywhere. No B.S. No agenda. No corporate overlords. Should be fun!” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

In exclusive comments to The Hill, Kelly explained why she believed her show would stand out.

“So many in the media are terrified to talk about difficult issues in a way that does not conform with what the perpetually outraged scolds want to hear or what their corporate brass demand, but don’t expect that from me,” Kelly explained.

“There will be no safe spaces here. There will be spaces that challenge you, make you think, help you understand, stimulate your intellect and help build resiliency,” Kelly added. “The vast majority of Americans are tougher than people think – they can handle sharp, compelling discussions about tough issues.”

Kelly has already shown some ability to take on stories the fake news media prefers to sweep under the rug.

This past spring, Kelly conducted an interview with Tara Reade after the fake news media spent weeks ignoring her credible allegations that Joe Biden digitally raped her when Reade worked in Biden’s Senate office back in 1993.

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But the number one question many observers will immediately ask is if Megyn Kelly will try and score an interview with President Trump.

Kelly’s gotcha question at the first GOP presidential primary debate back in 2015, as well as Trump’s subsequent boycotting of the network, made Kelly a hero to many left-wing journalists and Trump haters.

Trump even skipped a debate just before the Iowa caucuses because Kelly was set to moderate.

The one way Megyn Kelly could immediately put her podcast on the map and establish it as destination content would be to score an interview with President Trump.

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