Megyn Kelly is in huge trouble.

Her move to NBC has been a failure and the network is scrambling.

Now she was just given what could be her last chance to save her career.

Kelly has been tapped by NBC to lead the network’s on-air coverage of the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

While this may sound like a great honor, other network hosts are skittish about the assignment because nuclear war could break out at any time.

Radar Online reports:

“Sources inside NBC’s Manhattan headquarters exclusively told that Kelly, 47, has been tapped to head on-air coverage for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, slated to start Feb. 9.

With North Korean madman Kim Jong-un threatening to invade or rain a nuclear fury down upon its southern neighbor at any moment, the situation is especially tense.

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie “don’t want to spend weeks next door to North Korea,” said the source. “They don’t want to be in potential danger while reporting with big morning smiles. Sending Megyn is a genius way out of it.”

The competition will take place in Pyongchang, a mere 50 miles from the demilitarized zone separating the perpetually warring nations.

“Things are so tense right now Olympic organizers were thrilled North Korea’s figure skating team qualified the other day,” an expert said. “There’s less chance of a nuclear catastrophe if the North sends a delegation!”

NBC is desperate to find an assignment for Kelly to justify her massive contract.

To induce her to leave Fox News, the Peacock Network forked over a reported $69 million over three years.

But her Sunday night news magazine show was yanked from the schedule.

And her time hosting the 9AM hour of the Today Show has been a disaster.

Things are so bad, even one of her colleagues – co-host Matt Lauer – reportedly threw her under the bus.

Radar Online also reports:

“The news of Kelly’s strategic sendoff comes on the heels of Today host Lauer throwing her under the bus when asked about Kelly’s ratings woes — and how Hollywood is being advised to avoid Megyn Kelly Today altogether.

“Matt said he ‘gets it,’ rather than defending Megyn,” the source said. “In fact, he went on to tell the person, ‘It’s a big problem for them’” — meaning Kelly’s show for the network.”

Kelly has suffered through poor reviews, worse ratings, and awkward interviews with guests.

In short, her time at NBC has been a total disaster.

Now she is being given what could be her last chance to salvage her career.

Will it work out?

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