Americans recoiled in horror at the news that an anti-Semitic bigot murdered 11 innocents at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Donald Trump condemned this act of hatred and evil.

But that did not stop the media from telling this terrible lie about Trump.

Donald Trump Condemns Anti-Semitism

Donald Trump reacted to the shooting by strongly stating that anti-Semitism and bigotry have no place in America.

“This was an anti-Semitic act,” The President stated. “You wouldn’t think this would be possible in this day and age. But we just don’t seem to learn from the past.”

“Anti-Semitism and the widespread persecution of Jews represents one of the ugliest and darkest features of human history,” Trump declared. “The vile, hate-filled poison of anti-Semitism must be condemned and confronted everywhere and anywhere it appears. There must be no tolerance for anti-Semitism in America or for any form of religious or racial hatred or prejudice.”

Trump also stated that Americans needed to “rise above the hate, move past our divisions, and embrace our common destiny.”

“It doesn’t mean that we can’t fight hard and be strong and say what’s on our mind, but we have to always remember those elements,” Trump explained. “We have to remember the elements of love and dignity and respect and so many others.”

Trump struck the proper tone to unify the nation.

But that did not stop the media from lying about him.

The Media Lies About Trump

The press focused their coverage around one central theme: blaming Trump for the anti-Semite’s act of evil.

Julie Ioffe wrote in the Washington Post that Trump inspires bigots by tolerating their support.

She wrote,The pipe-bomb makers and synagogue shooters and racists who mowed a woman down in Charlottesville were never even looking for Trump’s explicit blessing, because they knew the president had allowed bigots like them to go about their business, secure in the knowledge that, like Nemtsov’s killers, they don’t really bother the president, at least not too much. His role is just to set the tone. Their role is to do the rest.”

The Washington Post also ran front page articles blaming Trump for the man who mailed suspicious packages to Democrats and CNN, and for the synagogue shooting.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders shut them down.

But the topic of how much blame Trump deserves for this shooting dominated the Sunday shows.

Journalists and Democrats pounced on the tragedy to score political points at Trump’s expense.

Democrat Adam Schiff tweeted out a video of his appearance on CNN’s State of the Union.

He wrote a message that went with the clip:

The gunman is responsible for mass murder. He alone pulls the trigger. But we create the atmosphere in which the gunman acts, and no one sets the tone more than @POTUS. It’s not enough to say the right words now if he preaches hatred and division every other day of the year.

Many journalists and Democrats also criticized Trump for holding a political rally the day of the shooting.

But they had no problem using the events for their own political gain.

Many Trump supporters suspected the media did not criticize Trump in good faith.

They believe the media wants Trump to cease all campaigning so that the Democrats are the only ones getting their message out in the final days before the midterm election.

Everyone knew they were lying.

So-called “journalists” did not object when Obama campaigned hours after the Benghazi terrorist attacks in 2012.

This is typical liberal media double-standards at play.

Do you think Donald Trump struck the right tone after the tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue?

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