Maxine Waters’ hatred of President Trump just reached an all-time low.

And she left Americans across the country shocked like never before.

Waters’ actions crossed the line after she chose to support Iran over America in this stunning betrayal.

Maxine Waters is blinded by her hatred of President Trump.

One of the most vocal opponents of the President, Waters has spent years trying to find new ways to attack him.

She’s even gone so far as to threaten violence against the President’s supporters.

Now, in a stunning new act of betrayal, Waters chose to side with Iran over the United States in a major diplomatic incident, all for the sake of sticking it to President Trump.

And her actions crossed a major red line that left Americans sick to their stomachs.

The Washington Examiner reports, “Waters, D-Calif., took Tehran’s side over the weekend after the Islamic Republic’s theocratic regime downed an expensive U.S. drone. She took to social media to disparage Trump, even though he had declined to launch retaliatory strikes against Iran, asserting that the U.S. military brought the incident upon itself by violating Iranian airspace, something the Pentagon denies.”

In tweets that remain up even in the face of tremendous backlash, Waters slammed the President and chose to take the Iranian point of view as fact with respect to a recent incident where Iran shot down an American drone over the Persian Gulf.

“Trump, you get no credit for so-called stopping the strike against Iran. Why was the unmanned drone in Iran’s airspace? Why the surveillance? Don’t provoke and then pretend innocence,” Waters tweeted.

Waters was almost immediately slammed for her attacks on the President and her decision to take the side of the Iranian government in the dispute.

“This is a shocking comment from a House Committee Chairwoman. She is literally repeating the lies of the Iranian regime,” tweeted Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw. “What a disgrace. Maxine Waters’ hate for Trump runs so deep that she is willing to take Iran’s side over the word of our military.”

Waters has shown no sign of backing down however, continuing to take the talking points of the Iranian regime and treating them as fact.

Of course, what Waters really cares about isn’t whether or not Iran was justified in shooting down the drone.

What she is interested in is finding another excuse to attack the President, even if it means taking the side of one of the largest state sponsors of terrorism in the world.

Waters has continued to demonstrate time and time again how unhinged she can really be, and how her singular hatred of the President has led her to side with America’s enemies over the United States military.

This isn’t the first time Waters has displayed how much of a political hack she can be, and it will almost certainly not be the last either.

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