Congresswoman Maxine Waters is one of the leaders of the Democrat Party.

She is at the forefront of the effort to remove the President from office.

But she stunned a TV audience when she revealed the one unexpected thing keeping the Democrats from trying to impeach Donald Trump.

Fake news journalists, Democrats, and Never-Trump Republicans are abuzz over Michael Cohen’s confession to making hush money payments to two women claiming affairs with Donald Trump at Trump’s direction.

Prosecutors are trying to rewrite the law in order to frame Trump for a crime he didn’t commit.

This restarted the cable news chatter about impeaching the President.

Maxine Waters of California was one of the first Democrats to openly embrace forcing Trump from office.

She embraced the impeachment talk in the run up to the midterm elections—even though Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi wanted to downplay any discussion of undoing the results of the 2016 election.

“And, as you know, there’s a difference in how some of our leadership talk about how we should handle all of this,” Waters said in a video captured in September. “They say, ‘Maxine, please don’t say impeachment anymore. ‘And when they say that, I say, ‘Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.’”

Waters doubled down on her threat and promised to also impeach Vice President Mike Pence.

“I had a conversation here today with someone [who] asked, ‘Well, what about Pence? If you are able to impeach, Pence will be worse,’” Waters raged. “And I said, ‘Look, one at a time. You knock one down, one at a time.

Waters is living up to her word.

During an appearance on MSNBC, she declared Democrats had a duty to impeach Trump.

But she revealed that Democrats may not want to move against the President because they might get a “revolt” on their hands.

Waters said, “[A]ll of the descriptions of what would happen if we move to impeach Trump are basically excuses. Excuses, because, you know, maybe they don’t want to fail at it, maybe they believe that Trump will cause a revolt. You know, you talk about violence, and they accuse others of violence. This president basically said, if you move to impeach me, my people are going to revolt, and maybe some of that is resonating with the senators, the members of Congress, Republican or Democrat. But they are derelict in their responsibility. The Constitution gives us the responsibility to impeach a president and others in government if, in fact, they are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, which we define.”

Trump had used similar language in a recent interview.

He told reporters from Reuters that “the people would revolt if that happened.”

Trump added, “It’s hard to impeach somebody who hasn’t done anything wrong and who’s created the greatest economy in the history of our country.”

Trump is correct. The people would be outraged if the Democrats tried to undo the election through hoax scandals and fabricated “crimes.”

The investigation into Trump for supposed campaign finance violations is nothing more than an attempt to criminalize his personal life in hopes to force him from office.

The American people elected Donald Trump as their President whether the fake news media and the Democrats like it or not.

And Americans see through these blatant schemes to steal American democracy away from the voters and hand it back to elite powerbrokers in Washington and New York.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.