Democrat Maxine Waters is going off the rails.

She’s calling President Trump the “most prolific, consistent, good for nothing liar” the country has ever seen.  But she didn’t stop there.

With her tirade lasting late into the night, Maxine Waters uttered words she immediately regretted the next morning.

Maxine Waters has raised her calls for Trump’s impeachment to a fever pitch.

All the while she was letting loose in an utter unhinged tweetstorm that ran late into the night.

Lying Trump came away from fake summit with terrorist & killer Kim Jong-un w/ nothing because Kim never intended to offer anything. Don the con man got conned! Hey number 45, are you still in love w/ Kim?” Waters tweeted.

Waters has always been known for radical, far-left tirades.

But the actions of President Trump have brought out a whole new side of her.

Even those that are considered events routine for a sitting President of the United States have far-left Democrats like Maxine Waters thrown into a state of shrill panic.

Waters’ late-night twitter rant continued with accusations against President Trump of backing the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“The killing with the chainsaw & dismemberment of #JamalKhashoggi by the Saudis is the most gruesome & heartless act imaginable!” Mrs. Waters wrote. “Now we learned his body parts were burned in a giant oven! Trump, God will never forgive you for siding w/ MBS on this murder,” Waters added.

 The rant and attacks continued to spiral as the hour drew late. Eventually Waters took aim at Trump through the Robert Mueller investigation. This is where she made the statement that “impeachment is the only answer” to Trump’s presidency.

“Obstruction of justice reality show: Firing Comey, sending coded messages to Manafort & others that he has the power to pardon; lying abt Trump Tower meeting; threatening Cohen’s in-laws; attempting to destroy Mueller. What more do we need to know? Impeachment is the only answer,” Waters tweeted.

 And this is despite the appearance that the Mueller investigation is coming to a close with no real findings.

For Waters, the Twitter rant continued with her language growing shriller.

“Lying Trump, so you said you did nothing to force security clearance for Kushner, huh? Who do you think will believe that lie? Must give you credit. You are the boldest, most daring liar I’ve ever heard of. A pox on all your houses,” Waters said in another tweet.

Apparently, Waters’ Twitter indictment of Trump is meant to be a one-sided affair as well. The President has already defended his actions and explained the accusations against him to be false. But according to Waters, the President’s defense isn’t acceptable – everything he says or does is a propaganda campaign.

“Trump, you have screamed no collusion and no obstruction of justice so many times, trying to influence others, that I think you really believe your own lies. Just stop it. No honesty. No truth. No trust. No patriotism.”

To cap off the evening, Waters made an even more extreme statement. Despite the President’s repeated displays of patriotism Waters isn’t accepting the evidence. In order to show real patriotism, Waters claimed Congressmen must support her calls for impeachment.

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