The gun grabbers’ attempts to exploit the tragedy in Parkland, Florida are reaching a new low.

They are pressuring Republicans to cave in and gut the Second Amendment.

And Marco Rubio stabbed conservatives in the back with one tweet.

So-called “journalists” targeted Rubio after the Florida senator initially said new gun laws alone would not have stopped the tragedy.

That comment allowed wiggle room for Rubio to actually support new gun control, but anti-gunners didn’t see it that way.

They berated Rubio in the press and on social media and the Florida senator eventually caved to their pressure.

Rubio tweeted out his support for a proposal made by anti-Trump RINO David French.

He championed an idea the gun grabbers put into place in California called “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” (GVRO).

GVRO’s would allow anti-gun judges to strip the Second Amendment rights away from Americans.

French correctly identified four instances where federal authorities had the murderer on their radar before they carried out their act of madness:

“Just since 2015, the Charleston church shooter, the Orlando nightclub shooter, the Sutherland Springs church shooter, and the Parkland school shooter each happened after federal authorities missed chances to stop them. For those keeping score, that’s four horrific mass shootings in four years where federal systems failed, at a cost of more than 100 lives.

In other words, proper application of existing policies and procedures could have saved lives, but the people in the federal government failed. And they keep failing. So let’s empower different people. Let’s empower the people who have the most to lose, and let’s place accountability on the lowest possible level of government: the local judges who consistently and regularly adjudicate similar claims in the context of family and criminal law.”

But he and Rubio misidentify the solution.

The answer is not more gun control.

The systems were in place to stop these madmen ahead of time.

It was the FBI that failed, not America’s gun laws.

Establishment and RINO Republicans always think they can get liberals like them to stop criticizing them if they appear to adopt “reasonable” positions on guns.

But the left has one goal – the confiscation of every gun in America.

Throwing them a bone will only make them hungrier to press the attack since the terms of the debate have now been defined on their terms.

Rubio is playing into their hands – and stabbing conservatives in the back – by moving the line on how much gun control is acceptable in America.