Barack Obama spent eight years weakening America’s military.

It was crucial to his scheme to fundamentally transform America.

Now Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis is putting a plan in place that will not make Obama happy.

Mattis has hit the ground running as Secretary of Defense working to undo Obama’s legacy.

He hit the pause button on Obama’s plan to allow transsexuals to serve in the Army and now he is changing the Army’s training structure.

His new plan is to eliminate any tasks or training requirements that distract from the science of war fighting.

Business Insider reports:

“Defense Secretary James Mattis and other military leaders are looking for ways to reduce the training and administrative duties that many in the armed services view as a burden.

The latest part of this effort is a review ordered by Mattis to identify and either reduce or eliminate the duties that pull military personnel away from tasks directly related to their jobs as soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.

According to a Defense Department memo obtained by Military Times, the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness will direct “an effort to form a working group to determine changes to military personnel policies necessary to provide the Military Departments increased flexibility to organize, train, and equip more ready and lethal forces.”

Among the policies the memo says will be reviewed are those covering “professional military education to regain a concentration on the art and science of war fighting” and “requirements for mandatory force training that does not directly support core tasks.”

The directive appears to be part of a campaign to address what a 2015 Army War College report called the “deluge of requirements” facing commanders.”

The Army found that loading up troops with so many tasks makes it impossible for them to do their jobs.

Since ignoring an order in not an option, the number of requirements affects readiness.

Business Insider also reports:

“That report, according to Army Capt. Scott Metz, a trainer at the Army Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Germany at the time of writing, “makes the case that the Army overtasks subordinates to such a level that it is impossible for Army units and Army leaders to do everything they are tasked to do.

The authors of the Army College study also “state that since non-compliance is not a viable option, leaders must choose which tasks to conduct to standard and which tasks to just ‘report’ that they were done to standard,” Metz wrote.

Though readiness may mean different things to commanders at different levels, Metz argued that tasking unit commanders with so many duties has detracted from combat training and left US military personnel at a disadvantage on the battlefield.”

Conservatives have been thrilled with Mattis’ conduct as Secretary of Defense.

Barack Obama spent eight years where his main objective with the military was to impose left-wing social engineering.

That is all gone now with Mattis in charge.

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