The nomination of James “Mad Dog” Mattis was met with praise from conservatives because of his strong military background and leadership skills.

Defense Secretary James Mattis has proven he is not afraid to take a stand against those who threaten Americans.

Now “Mad Dog” Mattis is releasing an overhaul of the military budget where he hopes to undo Obama’s disastrous neglect.

Mattis is working to ensure the United States is protected outside our borders, while President Trump is working to ensure the safety of citizens within the borders.

The Daily Caller reported:

If you want to avoid war, prepare for it. That’s what Secretary of Defense James Mattis argued before Congress on Monday while trying to secure new defense spending in the upcoming budget. The head of the Pentagon and former Marine Corps general did not hold back when describing the need for stable and sufficient defense spending in his written statement for the House Committee on Armed Services.

Secretary Mattis believes the only way to defend oneself in war is to be prepared to win, which requires making America’s military the most fearsome force in the world.

The Daily Caller reported:

Mattis referenced Henry Kissinger in his statement, quoting the former secretary of state as saying: we are “faced with two problems: first, how to reduce regional chaos; second, how to create a coherent world order based on agreed-upon principles that are necessary for the operation of the entire system.” Mattis noted that Kissinger’s generation learned they must prevent “hostile states” from achieving dominance. “And they understood that while there is no way to guarantee peace, the surest way to prevent war is to be prepared to win one,” said Mattis.

In order to achieve that goal, Mattis said President Donald Trump has requested a $639.1 billion “topline” for the fiscal year 2018 budget, $64.6 billion of which will go towards Overseas Contingency Operations.

Sec. Mattis’s proposed budget is $50 million over the cap on military spending Obama signed into law in 2011.

Obama’s budget cuts in the military are in need of re-evaluation as tensions in the Middle East rise daily and the threat of terrorism becomes more evident.

The lack of resources available for the military was completely unreasonable under former President Obama. Mattis is working quickly to make sure the United States is the military superpower it once was.

The Daily Caller reported:

The budget request is $52 billion over the cap placed by the National Defense Budget Control Act, passed and signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2011.

Readiness has been a major priority for the armed forces. Military leaders have warned that each of their respective services are suffering from readiness shortfalls, mostly due to a lack of funding. The Army is low on manpower, the Navy is struggling to maintain ships and aircraft, the Marine Corps is undermanned, under-trained and poorly equipped, and the Air Force is small and aging, the vice Joint Chiefs of Staff warned the committee in February.

Secretary of Defense “Mad Dog” Mattis seems to be putting America back on track in terms of reviving the military.

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