Barack Obama spent eight years scheming to weaken America.

When Donald Trump nominated James Mattis to be Secretary of Defense, it was a clear sign America’s nightmare was over.

Now Mattis humiliated Obama with just one shocking move.

Obama made closing the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay a centerpiece of his campaigns.

It was his signal to the world that Obama believed America was not a force for good in the world.

While Obama did not succeed in closing the detention facility, he did throw open the doors for terrorists to leave the prison and resume their jihad against America.

That all changed with the election of Donald Trump.

And “Mad Dog” Mattis wants to ensure everyone gets the message.

So he is traveling to visit Guantanamo Bay, the first American official to visit the prison since then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in 2002.

The Associated Press reports:

“U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis visited the American Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to offer holiday greetings to troops Thursday. It was the first trip there by a Pentagon chief in almost 16 years.

Mattis was meeting with troops, not touring the detention facilities or discussing detainee policy options. His stay comes amid uncertainty over the Trump administration’s policy on continued use of the military prison.

President Donald Trump hasn’t released any Guantanamo prisoners or added any to the list of men who have been officially cleared to go home or to a third country for resettlement.

Mattis is the first defense secretary to visit Guantanamo Bay since Donald Rumsfeld in January 2002, just weeks after the first prisoners arrived from Afghanistan in the early stages of the fight against terrorism. The detention center was set up to hold suspected terrorists shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Mattis arrived at Guantanamo on Wednesday night and was accompanied by an Associated Press reporter.

Forty-one prisoners remain in detention. Ten have been charged by a military commission. Five have been cleared to leave, but their status is in doubt under the current administration.

That leaves 26 in indefinite confinement, though some eventually could be cleared for release, too, or prosecuted. Lawyers are considering filing new legal challenges, arguing that a policy of no releases means the detainees’ confinement no longer can be legally justified as a temporary wartime measure.”

Unlike Obama, Trump is committed to defeating Islamic terrorists.

ISIS’ caliphate has been smashed.

And Trump has not released a single prisoner from Gitmo.

That stands in stark contrast to Obama’s eight years of appeasing Iran, enabling ISIS, allowing Hezbollah to run drugs unchecked, and pledging to close Guantanamo Bay.

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