James “Mad Dog” Mattis continues to roll back Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy.

Obama failed to defeat ISIS and his presidency left America weaker and less secure.

Now, “Mad Dog” Mattis explained how much of a failure Obama was in one devastating answer.

“Mad Dog” Mattis made national waves when he took a call from a high school sophomore from Washington state and granted the young man an interview.

Teddy Fischer had seen a photograph that exposed the Secretary of Defense’s phone number and called him up requesting an interview.

“Mad Dog,” who saw that the young man was from Washington state – where he grew up – called him back and granted him a 45 minute interview.

The New York Post reports:

Instead of leaving a voice message, Fischer texted the Pentagon chief and asked him for his help for an upcoming article on U.S. foreign policy.

“Is it possible for you to conduct an interview? By the way, your personal number was leaked to the American public, have a wonderful day!” the text read.

Mattis, a Washington native, said Fischer’s message stood out as a young person from his home state.

“I just thought I’d give you a call,” Mattis said, according to the interview transcript.

“I’ve always tried to help students because I think we owe it to you young folks to pass on what we learned going down the road so that you can make your own mistakes, not the same ones we made.”

The resulting interview was a thoughtful conversation on a range of topics on foreign policy, national politics and advice for graduating seniors: “Study history and get involved.”

In the course of the interview, Fischer asked Mattis what the biggest difference between Obama and Trump was.

Mattis gave a surprising answer.

According to the transcript of their interview:

TEDDY: “How has the Trump administration handled the Middle East differently than the Obama administration?”

MATTIS: “I was a NATO officer and then a central command officer under President Obama and he was trying to reach out to the Arab people. He unfortunately didn’t always have the best advisors or he didn’t listen to his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, so we missed some opportunities there. But I think also under the Obama administration, there was a more of an accelerated campaign against the terrorists than perhaps the Obama administration was willing to sustain.

I think the two administrations are more variations on a theme than they are dramatically different approaches. Obviously, the Israelis and the Arabs seem to have warmed more to Mr. Trump, especially over the succeeding years after the first year of the Obama administration where it actually went pretty well. Year by year, things went worse and worse from the Arabs’ and the Israelis’ perspectives.”

One reason the relationship between the Arabs, the Israelis and the Obama administration deteriorated was because of the Iran deal.

Obama was unyielding in his desire to secure a “legacy” achievement, so he gave away the store and allowed Iran to continue on the path to a nuclear weapon.

That was the biggest move to destabilizing the Middle East.

Trump’s trip to the region was such a success because the gulf nations, as well as Israel, saw that the Americans once again had a leader who recognized evil and was willing to confront it.

“Mad Dog” was diplomatic in his critique of the Obama administration, but the truth was no less devastating to Obama.