gun-rightsIn most states, when you want to get a gun, you go down to the gun shop, fill out the required paperwork to get your handgun (or rifle), wait 30 minutes to an hour for the approval to come, and then walk out with your gun after paying for it.

It’s pretty straightforward… as it should be. The second amendment says you have the right to own a weapon, and with advanced computer database systems it really doesn’t take that long to get the ball rolling on your purchase.

Some states, however, are a little more restrictive when it comes to gun purchases.

States like Maryland, for instance, require any purchaser of a firearm to fill out a permit request before they can get a weapon.

Often times the permit request can get caught up in a long line bureaucratic mess which delays access to a gun by weeks and even months.

In some cases this can lead to injury or death, especially when the person is attempting to buy the firearm when threats to their lives have been made.

That’s why a Maryland Sheriff is doing all he can to ensure people get their guns in a timely manner.

That won’t thrill liberals…

Bearing Arms writes:

[Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler] will work with two of Harford County’s state senators, Robert Cassilly and Wayne Norman, and two Anne Arundel County delegates, Seth Howard and Michael Malone, on several gun-related bills during the 2016 legislative session, according to a recent news release from the Sheriff’s Office outlining Gahler’s legislative platform.

The General Assembly will convene for its 90-day session on Jan. 13. The sheriff will work with the four legislators to “protect the right of all Marylanders to bear arms,” according to the news release.

“I am very appreciative of the fact that Sheriff Gahler supports the Second Amendment,” Norman, whose district also includes parts of western Cecil County, said Tuesday.

Gahler is seeking legislation that would reduce the license fee for handgun purchases by 50 percent, to make corrections officers and retired federal law enforcement officials exempt from training when applying for a handgun license and to allow the secretary of State Police to “temporarily waive” required firearms training for applicants who are in “imminent danger.”

Most people think it’s Ok for states to put these kinds of restrictions on a person.

But if you think about what one of the main purposes of a gun, to provide self defense from obvious threats, it’s categorically unjust to deny them of that right for any length of time.

There have been many, well document instances where people have forced to wait for gargantuan amounts of time to receive their desired weapon only to be killed by the person they wished to defend themselves from in the interim.

That’s not right at all.

What do you think, should there be a permit system in place for people who want to buy a gun?

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