Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia is literally ripping George Washington’s name off the church he helped build.  Church officials say they are tearing out a plaque honoring the former vestryman and U.S. president because his ownership of slaves “made some people uncomfortable.”

But the church is keeping all mentions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who once attended a service there during his presidency that included race-based internment camps and segregated troops.

Is Washington’s crime racism?

Or is it believing in limited government?

Here’s how socialist Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the racist fascist liberals are thinking of when they say “Trump.”

Alexandria Times reported:

The church said the decision to remove the plaques, which were erected in 1870 following the Civil War, was an effort to make visitors to the church feel more welcome, saying in the email, “… some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”

The plaques are just a few of the many markers and signs throughout the church grounds noting its historic ties to presidents and world leaders.

The church plans to keep, for example, all mentions of a Jan. 1, 1942 visit by then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

At the time of Roosevelt’s honored visit, he was finishing plans for the mass imprisonment of Japanese-Americans in race-based internment camps.

Christ Church celebrates Roosevelt’s visit in its brochures and historic displays.  It’s even part of the city’s signage on Alexandria’s main street directing people to the church.

But seven weeks after that visit, Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, directing military personnel to arrest Americans of Japanese racial ancestry and transport them to prison camps.

If you’re smart enough to realize owning slaves is bad, why aren’t race-based internment camps condemned also?

Apparently, Christ Church has no problem with race-based internment camps if that means denouncing a liberal icon.

Roosevelt also enforced racial segregation in the military, despite the need for rapid deployment of troops.

Located in veteran-heavy suburban Washington, D.C., just blocks from Alexandria’s traditionally black neighborhoods, one would think the last person Christ Church would honor would be the last president to enforce racial segregation in the military.

In ripping down Washington’s plaque, vestry members specifically stated racial views at the time were no defense for racist policies.

Unless you’re Roosevelt, it appears.  He created the modern welfare state, while Washington opposed centralized government power.

If removing references to Washington were a matter of denouncing racist policies, Roosevelt would be purged from church history as well.

Instead, the man who discriminated against black veterans and ran race-based internment camps is celebrated and even incorporated into official city signs marking the church.

Racial views were just our selective excuse for ripping down Washington’s plaque.

It’s clear that in the eyes of Christ Church’s vestry, Washington’s real crime was opposing the cult of the omnipotent state.