Social Justice Warriors are fuming after a long-running TV show trolled the liberal activists.

What started out as an encouraging advancement of their ideologies took a turn into something far-less amusing for the delicate snowflakes’ egos.

Long-running TV show “Jeopardy!” may have just lost the support of social justice leftists, but gained the respect and support of conservatives everywhere.

When “Stay Woke” was revealed as a category this week on “Jeopardy!”, progressives were quick to praise the show for its efforts to promote their “social justice” agenda.

The term “woke” was brought to liberal attention after Black Lives Matter made their debut in 2015 — revolving around the concept that social justice warriors must “stay woke”, aka stay aware and awake, of the “realities” of living under a system of “white supremacy”.

The definition was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary after years of use by millennial “activists”.

So when liberals saw the category flash on the screen, they had hopes that “Jeopardy!” was jumping on their bandwagon.

Little did they know what would be in store later in the game.

Their hopes were crushed after a contestant chose the category — and was surprised to find the first question revolved around caffeine intake rather than the social justice version of the term “woke.”

The Daily Caller reports:

As with everything else on Jeopardy, the term was meant as a play on words, to be taken in literal terms to refer to staying awake.

The first question that popped up reads: “This substance many use to stay awake can lead to tremors and anxiety at 500 mg/day; the average American consumes 300.”

It was at that point that progressives, realizing the ruse, expressed anger and outrage at the show for making light of their cause.

Almost immediately, progressives did what they do best – they took their rant to social media platforms.

After realizing “Jeopardy!” was using their beloved term in the literal sense instead of trying to combat “white supremacy”, outraged libs targeted the show for making light of their cause.

The Daily Caller reports:

[Feminist platform] The Mary Sue condemned Jeopardy for what it considers to be a very problematic low blow against their ideology.

“We all know Jeopardy is going to go for a pun where it sees one, but perhaps ideologies centered around fighting racism and other social injustices shouldn’t be their target,” wrote Vivian Kane. “As is, the show’s take on weakness is anything but.”

Fans of the show were quick to point out the flawed judgement of the whining progressives. “Jeopardy!” often uses play on words and jokes as categories — such is the nature of the show.

The Daily Caller continued:

But commenters weren’t impressed by the site’s attempt to virtue signal, with many calling out Kane for being too readily offended.

“I’ll be honest, whenever I think of Jeopardy, I think of Will Ferrell’s impression. Also, in my personal opinion, this really isn’t bad at all. Jeopardy constantly has puns,” wrote one reader.

“I’ll take “Trolling” for $600, Alex,” said another.

Social Justice Warriors remain easily offended by anything that is meant as a light joke against their agenda.

As hilarious as Jeopardy’s trolling was, it will be interesting to see if the show receives further backlash from the easily offended left.

For now, we can all enjoy a good joke at the expense of social justice snowflakes.

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