It didn’t take long for liberals to target the newest conservative reporter at Fox News.

When it was announced she would receive her own show at the 10pm spot, the internet went crazy.

Many took to Twitter to denounce the reporter as a racist, Trump-supporting blonde woman.

Shortly after influential newscaster Matt Drudge announced that Laura Ingraham would receive her own show, prominent liberals in the media and online started their attack against her.

Not only did several people attack her for her appearance, but many claimed she was a racist who supported the Charlottesville riots.

The Daily Caller reports:

In addition to claiming Ingraham is a “racist,” left-wing website Shareblue Media repeatedly attacked Ingraham for her appearance

“Laura Ingraham gets more time,” a tweet from the website read. “Because just what the US needs is more time for the [right wing] attack blondes.”

Another tweet from the company claimed Ingraham’s “whole schtick is divisive, hate-filled rhetoric [and] a perfectly coiffed blonde bob.”

Both tweets link to an article written by a news organization which was funded by George Soros–a top Clinton donor and ally.

But other liberal “activist” groups jumped on the bandwagon soon after.

The Daily Caller continued:

Other liberal journalists and groups echoed that sentiment.

Left-wing activist group Sleeping Giants attacked Ingraham as “a bigot.” Sleeping Giants was among the left-wing groups who pressured advertisers to pull their ads from former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s show, eventually leading Fox News to fire him.

Left-wing author Molly Jong-Fast accused Ingraham of being complicit in alleged (and unproven) collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican said Ingraham’s new show should be called “Gaslighting Fascist Dogwhistle.”

“For a preview of Laura Ingraham’s new Fox News show, take a hair dryer and blow it in your ear for an hour,” wrote Comedy Central writer Seth Weitberg.

“Laura Ingraham’s racist, transphobic takes land her a primetime slot on Fox News,” is how left-wing website Think Progress headlined their coverage of Ingraham’s new gig.

The article claimed that Ingraham “has frequently made racist and transphobic comments.”

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