Robert Mueller thought he had Donald Trump cornered.

The special counsel’s crusade to impeach the President had finally come to fruition.

And then this one letter ended Mueller’s witch-hunt for good.

Mueller Writes Letter No One Can Believe

The New York Times broke a bombshell story about the Mueller probe.

They reported Mueller wrote a letter to Trump’s lawyers saying Trump can provide written answers to questions about Russian collusion.

Trump’s lawyers cheered this development.

First, it shuts down a perjury trap since Mueller can’t trick Trump into misstating a fact with written answers.

Many believe it also proves Mueller has nothing on Russian collusion.

Finally, Trump’s lawyers believe this means Mueller only wants to ask Trump a limited set of questions.

They do not intend to ask Trump about obstruction of justice.

Mueller knows this will kill any chance of Trump sitting for an interview.

Trump Interview Destroys Mueller Probe

Trump crushed the Mueller probe in an Oval Office interview with the Daily Caller.

They talked about a wide variety of topics.

The discussion soon turned to the Mueller probe and that’s when Trump unloaded.

He ripped Mueller for running an “illegal” investigation.

The Daily Caller reports:

Asked whether Mueller’s expansive investigation would interfere in the 2018 election, the president dismissed the whole inquiry as “illegal.”

“I view it as an illegal investigation. It should have never been started. It should have never been allowed to start. You know, I’m not a target of this investigation, just in case you don’t realize.”

Trump also described the probe as “conflicted.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“Number one, there was no crime,” Trump said. “Number two, everybody was conflicted, including Mueller.”

“There were tremendous conflicts here.”

He then listed four ways Mueller’s conflict of interests tainted the investigation.

The Daily Caller also reports:

“Sitting right in that chair,” Trump gestured from the Resolute Desk. “I liked him, but I didn’t give him the job.”

“I had a business dispute with Mueller before that. I had a real business dispute,” Trump said. The president’s claims of a business dispute reportedly revolve around decade-old golf fees.

“And he’s Comey’s best friend,” Trump insisted. “I could give you a hundred pictures of him and Comey hugging and kissing each other.”

“And then somebody from his law firm came out and said I can’t believe they picked Mueller. He hates the President. He hates the president,” Trump added.

“So that’s four things. That’s four.”

Robert Mueller’s Future Is Up In The Air

Trump supporters want the President to fire Mueller.

They see his investigation as a corrupt witch-hunt.

But Mueller’s letter may get rid of the need for Trump to fire him.

If Mueller only wants written answers, Trump is not in any danger.

Mueller can’t try and trick him into a perjury trap.

Mueller’s letter also shows the collusion angle is a dud.

If he had any evidence of collusion, Mueller would press the President for a sit-down interview.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.