The liberal mainstream media continues their charge against President Trump and promotes false narratives about the President in the hopes of him losing political support.

With recent controversy emerging in the Trump-Russia probe, the media has had a field day trying to demean the President.

But with a brief lull in coverage of the Trump-Russia probe, leftist media created a tall tale of their own — proving once and for all they are fake news.

USA Today and Politico recently promoted a story questioning whether President Donald Trump was physically fit enough to be in office.

The story was based on claims made by a former Trump employee who published a tell-all book in 1991.

The absurd story took an even wilder turn when it suggested Trump was too unhealthy to walk around a museum — and that instead, he took a golf cart.

The Daily Caller reported:

“When [Jack] O’Donnell [a former Trump employee], who in 1991 published a tell-all book about working with Trump, watches Trump putter along in his vehicle of choice, he doesn’t see a man conserving energy but a man who is unfit for office. As in, literally, physically unfit,” Politico Magazine’s Ben Strauss wrote Tuesday.

Politico Magazine highlighted that during Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, he toured the National Museum in Riyadh in a golf cart. Days later in Sicily, while other world leaders at the G-7 summit walked 700 yards up a hill to a photo-op, Trump followed slightly behind, again in a golf cart.

“Donald Trump is the least athletic president in generations. Here’s why it matters,” the subheadline of the story reads, with Strauss critiquing the president’s taste for fast food and red meat, boldly proclaiming that compared to all other modern presidents, Trump “has evinced less interest in his own health.”

USA Today published a similar article attacking President Trump’s health.

In it, both his eating and sleeping habits were questioned, as well as his decision to eradicate policies made by former First Lady Michelle Obama which drastically altered school lunch programs that children across the country reportedly couldn’t stand.

The Daily Caller writes:

USA Today issued a breaking news alert email Monday for its article with a hypothetical diagnosis for the president:

His eating habits are less than ideal. And to top it all off, he doesn’t get enough sleep. For anyone walking into a doctor’s office with those symptoms, stern warnings to change one’s lifestyle are sure to follow. But this patient is President Trump, who plays by different rules.

Author Jayne O’Donnell remarked in the article that these same symptoms can “impact his judgment,” but spill over into his decisions on policy.

“But President Trump’s attitude toward diet and exercise isn’t simply a personal issue. It resonates in his policies on public health. Already his administration has relaxed nutritional standards on school lunches and he has yet to name any members of the president’s fitness council,” she wrote.

O’Donnell is referring to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s health-oriented rules on school lunches, prompting the School Nutrition Association to lobby for less restrictive regulations on ingredients because kids weren’t eating them.

In January, a health expert from the Washington Post concluded that President Trump was more than physically fit to perform the duties as President.

The Daily Caller continued:

A health expert told the Washington Post in January that “there is no reason why a healthy man in his 70s cannot carry out the demanding responsibilities of president of the United States, especially someone who has just been tested by the rigors of a 16-month campaign.”

President Trump reportedly has never smoked tobacco and does not consume alcohol either.

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