Laura Ingraham is one of Fox News top stars.

The conservative commentator is also one of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters.

However, no one could believe it when she said these six shocking words.

Trump supporters are worried the President will agree to a short-term government funding bill that will not include any money for the border wall.

Previously, President Trump said he would not sign any funding bill that did not include five billion dollars in wall funding.

But swamp Republicans refuse to fight.

They are trying to convince Trump to push the fight to early February and not shut down 25 percent of the government before Christmas.

These weak-kneed Republicans live in fear of the media blaming them for a government shutdown and will sell out every principle under the sun to avoid fake news media stories about how they can’t “govern.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer crowed about the Republicans in the Senate passing a government funding bill with no funding for the border wall in it.

“It’s good that our Republican colleagues in the Senate finally realized that they should not shut down the government over a wall that does not have enough support to pass the House or Senate,” Schumer boasted.

But while officials in Washington abandoned Trump, his supporters begged him to veto this bill.

Laura Ingraham led the way on social media.

The Fox News host said the border without a wall is an open door for illegal aliens to walk right through.

Ingraham wrote, “It was supposed to be a “big beautiful wall” with a “big beautiful door.” Now it’s just an open door with no frame. Unreal.”

On her program that same day, Ingraham implored Trump to build the wall.

She claimed not building the wall would be a bigger scandal than whatever Robert Mueller’s investigation turns up.

“Jim Jordan, it is true Congress hasn’t done its job on this particular issue,” Ingraham exclaimed. “I think that not funding the wall is going to go down as one of the worst, worst things to have happened to this administration. Forget Mueller. The wall, the wall, the wall. Has to be built. And it’s a scandal that it hasn’t been built.”

Other Trump supporters echoed those sentiments.

Congressman Mark Meadows – who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus and is one of Trump’s closest allies – claimed signing the bill would damage President Trump.

“Mr. President we’re going to back you up if you veto this bill, we’ll be there, but more importantly, the American people will be there, they’ll be there to support you,” Meadows declared during a speech on the House floor.

Extending the border wall fight into February will not help the President.

Democrats take over the House on January 3rd.

Nancy Pelosi already declared the border wall was “immoral.”

And that was when she held no power.

After January 3, she will have all the power and will block any wall funding.

That’s why Trump’s allies like Ingraham and Meadows are imploring the President to veto any spending bill that does not contain wall funding.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.