Laura Ingraham dealt Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer some bad news.

They’ve been dreaming of a sweep that would return them to power in November.

But that all changed when Ingraham revealed this one fact that could end their chances of a blue wave in 2018.

Andrew Gillum Is One Of The Most Extreme Democrats In America

Laura Ingraham went on TV and exposed the winning candidates in the Democrat primaries.

She focused on Andrew Gillum, who won the Democrat Gubernatorial primary in Florida.

Gillum holds every radical left-wing view under the sun.

He supports abolishing ICE, backs massive tax increases, and wants to gut gun rights.

In fact, Gillum made a video ad saying he supports impeaching Donald Trump.

He was endorsed by self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, and George Soros pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into groups that also supported Gillum.

Trump responded to his win by saying that his record will make him easy to defeat:

Laura Ingraham Reacts To Democrat Primary Winners

The Fox host proved her point by comparing Gillum to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She is the Democrat socialist who beat a ten-term Congressman in a primary.

That win turned her into a national star.

Ingraham stated, “…he pulled off a primary victory last night against six other candidates. Gillum is the African-American male version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

The party out of power usually gains seats in the midterms.

Democrats must win 23 Republican seats to flip control of the House.

And they need to win two seats to take over the Senate.

Liberals expect to have a big November.

However, far-left Democrats like Gillum won primaries.

Democrat voters could be making a major mistake.

Tucker Carlson noted the Democrat Party is shifting extreme left.

He said, “The Democratic Party is transforming before our eyes. The party of Tom Foley, Tip O’Neill and even Bill Clinton is long gone. Pretty soon the party of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will be history, too. In its place is emerging something new, the party of Andrew Gillum.”

Candidates Could Cost Democrats in 2018

The radical views of Gillum and others could cost the Democrats the election.

If Democrats fail to win, their base will go insane.

They will have no one to blame but themselves.

Democrat voters picked these fringe candidates.

Americans do not favor abolishing ICE.

They do not want to ban guns.

And as Ingraham points out, Gillum is not the only Democrat to hold these views.

Democrats across America are running for office on this far-left agenda.

If they lose, the Democrats will fall into a civil war.

The party will tear itself into pieces as their voters pick their candidate to run against Donald Trump.

Trump will easily defeat a divided and radical Democrat Party.

We will keep you up to date on any new details in this story.