Megyn Kelly’s career is stuck in a downward spiral.

She parlayed her attacks on Donald Trump into a multi-million dollar contract with NBC.

But the mass shooting in Las Vegas just proved it’s all over for Kelly.

Kelly’s contract with NBC called for her to be featured on three platforms – a Sunday night news magazine show, a daytime talk show, and a prominent role in NBC’s breaking news coverage.

Her Sunday night show was yanked from the air before its ten-episode run due to low ratings.

Kelly’s daytime talk show has been plagued by poor critical reviews, awkward guest interviews, and production issues.

Now her role in breaking news appears to have vanished too—which cements her move to NBC as a colossal mistake.

When NBC broke into programming to cover the horrendous tragedy in Las Vegas, Kelly was not featured on the coverage.

The New York Post reports:

“Megyn Kelly, NBC News’ $15 million woman, had her show bumped on Monday in the wake of the mass murders in Las Vegas — and sources say it’s a bad sign.

After a rough first week, “Megyn Kelly Today” was pre-empted at the 9 a.m. hour so that Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie could continue anchoring news on the deadliest shooting in US history.

“It’s baffling why they didn’t have Kelly participate in the coverage,” one network veteran said. “They seem confused.”

Kelly – who co-anchored Fox News election night coverage in 2012 and 2016 – was expected to beef up NBC News coverage of breaking news.

Instead she was benched.

Critics believe that because she bombed so badly on her first two opportunities with the network – primetime interviewer and daytime talk show host – she burned any opportunity to play a prominent role on breaking news.

Had Kelly performed better, it’s likely she would have been given the prominent assignment of anchoring – or at least contributing – to NBC’s coverage of the Las Vegas shooting since it took place during her time slot.

Her disappearing act adds fuel to the fire that NBC is frustrated with Kelly and looking for a graceful exit from this mistake.

But Breitbart reports Fox has no interest in taking her back:

“But a high-ranking Fox News source told Breitbart News that there is “no way” Kelly could come back to the network. Quite simply, the source told Breitbart News, Kelly “would not be welcomed back.”

Kelly’s two TV shows flopped.

Now her failure to be included in NBC’s breaking news coverage cements her time at the peacock network as a failure.