North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un believes he is untouchable.

But there is one thing that is his greatest fear.

And his worst nightmare may be about to become reality.

Recent reports have indicated that Kim Jong-Un lives in fear of being targeted by the “decapitation team” of the U.S. and South Korean special forces which would assassinate him should war on the Korean Peninsula break out.

Fox News reports:

“The rumored “decapitation plan” to target Kim and key deputies in the event fighting broke out on the peninsula first surfaced in late 2015, when the U.S. and South Korea signed “Operation Plan 5015,” a joint strategy for possible war scenarios with North Korea. According to the Brookings Institute, the plan “envisions limited warfare with an emphasis on preemptive strikes on strategic targets in North Korea and “decapitation raids” to exterminate North Korean leaders.”

Something about the term “decapitation” seems to have gotten the attention of the gout-addled, unpredictable and violent dictator. According to Lee, Kim’s is so frightened that he now disguises his movements, travels primarily at dawn and in the cars of his henchmen. Public appearances and jaunts in his prized Mercedes Benz 600 have been curtailed.

North Korea’s United Nations representative referenced the “beheading operation” in a sternly worded, 2016 letter to the body’s Security Council, suggesting that the joint military operations regularly conducted by the U.S. and South Korea “constitute a grave threat to [North Korea] as well as international peace and security.”

It turns out Jong-Un’s fears are justified.

The South Korean military has reportedly presented a revised strategy for war with North Korea to their President and it includes a plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

The Sun reports:

“SouthKorea plans to send special forces killers into North Korea in a bid to take out Kim Jong-un and his cronies if the despot sparks a war.

The daring proposal is among the top revisions being made to the under-fire country’s revised strategy for dealing with a “conventional” attack by its noisy neighbour…

… In the event of a conventional conflict breaking out, North Korean army is expected to bombard the South along the DMZ as well as shelling the capital Seoul.

Under the existing US-South Korean defence plan – OPLAN 5015 – the two nations would bring their overwhelming air and naval superiority to bear from bases in South Korea and Japan.

These would be backed up by aircraft carrier fleets positioned  in the western Pacific.

The new South Korean plan will identify more than 1,000 primary targets in North Korea to be eliminated by missiles and laser-guided weapons.

These would nuclear weapons and missile launch facilities.

The military has also been tasked with training special forces units that could be infiltrated into Pyongyang in order to target key members of the regime, including Kim Jong-un.”

Tensions have been rising between America and her allies and North Korea.

The North Koreans test fired a missile that flew over Japan in response to regularly scheduled training exercises between the United States and South Korea.

It was an aggressive provocation and it led many to believe that Kim Jong-Un was not a rational actor.

He does not appear to be backing down on his nuclear weapons program, so trained kill squads may be the only hope of ending this madness.