Kim Jong Un thought he was in the driver’s seat.

He test fired a missile that sent the world to the edge of war.

But he just heard the eight words that changed his world for good.

North Korea test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile that has enough range to strike anywhere on the U.S. mainland.

What is not certain is if they have perfected the ability to attach a nuclear warhead and have it travel the distance necessary to strike America’s east coast.

Trump responded by tweeting that the North Korea situation will be taken care of.

But U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley took it one step further by uttering eight fateful words.

She said the launch pushed the world closer to war and that in the event of a conflict “the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.”

Breitbart reports:

The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting Wednesday following North Korea’s latest missile test in which South Korea and the United States warned the Kim regime to step back from the brink.

“The dictator of North Korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Nikki Haley said at the meeting. “We have never sought war with North Korea, and still today we do not seek it. If war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday. And if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.”

Haley called on every country to cut “all ties” with North Korea over the launch, calling out those that have refused to do so. “The world knows who they are,” she said in an apparent reference to China, North Korea’s primary sponsor, who she later called out by name as the Kim regime’s main supplier of oil.

Haley said that President Donald Trump called Chinese President Xi Jinping Wednesday morning, asking him to cut off oil exports to North Korea.

The country most threatened by the launch, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), echoed this stern warning. “If North Korea continues to underestimate or miscalculate the firm resolve of the international community, it will transpire to be a grave mistake,” South Korean Ambassador to the UN Cho Tae-yul said Wednesday at the Security Council Meeting. “North Korea should be awakened from its false sense of security. We urge the Peyongyang, once again, to seize the rapidly closing window of opportunity to resolve its nuclear program peacefully and thereby ensure its security.”

This is latest in a series of serious warnings to Kim Jong Un to back off his rogue nuclear weapons program and peacefully resolve this standoff.

The Trump administration has made it clear that they will not stand for a nuclear North Korea that can strike the United States.

And the administration has also made it clear what the consequences will be.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


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