Left-wing media outlets smear Donald Trump on a daily basis.

Their goal is to destroy and remove the President from office.

But Kellyanne Conway just shut down Trump’s liberal critics with just six words.

The Media Loses Its Mind

Anti-Trump journalists celebrated accusations made by former White House Staffer Omarosa Manigault that the President used racial slurs.

There is no evidence to back up this claim.

But that did not stop the media from providing Omarosa airtime to hurl these accusations.

Trump fought back by blasting Omarosa on twitter.

The President tweeted:

When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!

Journalists screamed that calling Omarosa a dog was sexist and racist.

However, Trump uses the word “dog” to describe political opponents of all races and genders.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis listed all the many white men Trump has called a “dog.”

Davis tweeted:

CNN says Trump is a racist for calling Omarosa a “dog.” Other people he’s referred to as dogs: Mitt Romney, David Gregory, Chuck Todd, Steve Bannon, Glenn Beck, Bill Maher, Erick Erickson, Rjck Tyler, David Axelrod, and Kristen Stewart. They’re all white.

Kellyanne Conway Steps Up

White House Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway delivered the best response.

In an interview with Fox News, Conway ripped Trump’s critics as mainly women on cable news networks who were jealous.

“I know that people try to get away with saying Donald Trump is terrible to women who work for him and that he’s a sexist misogynist. Why would I be standing here in front of the White House working in this building if I didn’t think this man was doing great for all Americans and by the way, if I felt that he wasn’t respectful toward women, he’s an excellent boss to women,” Conway began.

Conway concluded, “It’s only some of the women out there on cable news every single day who are jealous or have no access or look at things through their own Twitter feed and not through reality who would think otherwise.”

CNN and MSNBC filled their airwaves with commentators blasting Trump’s harmless remark.

Democrats believe Trump is a racist and sexist.

Liberal media outlets will frame their coverage of every story to fit that narrative.

The media hates Donald Trump.

Journalists view it as their job to defeat Donald Trump.

However, journalists routinely lie to Americans by claiming they don’t choose sides but just “report the facts.”

Americans see through these falsehoods and more voters agree with Kellyanne Conway.

Trump’s critics are politically motivated hacks who will stop at nothing to destroy the President.

The media’s outrage over Trump calling Omarosa a dog is fake and manufactured.

Liberal cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC are using it only as an excuse to attack the President.

Do you agree with Kellyanne Conway?

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