The so-called “mainstream” media likes to pretend they play it down the middle.

But it’s easy to see the Trump hatred seeping into their coverage.

And one journalist ended her career as an objective observer for good after she used five words to describe Trump’s win.

Katy Tur was MSNBC’s correspondent covering Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

She was a typically biased left-wing “journalist” who shaded her coverage to attack Trump.

But after Trump won, she schemed to get rich off Trump’s success by writing a book about her experiences on the campaign trail.

Right off the bat, her book makes clear how much she hates Trump.

It begins with Trump on the verge of victory with Tur writing “I’m about to throw up.

The excerpt appears on

“Trump Victory Party

New York Hilton Midtown

10:59 p.m., Election Day

I’m about to throw up.

I’m standing on the press riser at Donald Trump’s New York City Election Night headquarters. Fox News is playing on two big-screen televisions, framing a stage covered with American flags and punctuated by two glass cases, each containing a make America great again hat. At the center, there’s an empty podium gathering historical significance by the second.

“We have a big call to make right now,” says Megyn Kelly, on the screen alongside Bret Baier.

As the clock strikes 11 p.m., the Fox camera pans across the studio to a jumbotron to reveal an oversized yellow check mark next to Donald Trump’s grinning portrait and a picture of the state of Florida. Trump has just won it, along with all twenty-nine of its electoral votes. The ballroom crowd of staffers, super supporters, and volunteers goes absolutely wild. The journalists in the room fall silent.”

It’s very rare that you see such bias clearly expressed.

Journalists like to claim they are objective observers.

But Tur’s book starts right off with how sick Trump’s win made her.

Tur also tries to claim she understands Trump supporters, but that they are dangerous because they don’t believe the “facts” as presented to them by partisan operatives masquerading as journalists like Tur.

The Daily Caller reported:

“Tur also talks frankly about her experience covering Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, extending some sympathy to Trump voters, but also slamming the President.

“Look, I get it. You can’t tell a joke without worrying you’ll lose your job. Your twenty-something can’t find work. Your town is boarded up. Patriotism gets called racism. Your food is full of chemicals. Your body is full of pills. You call tech support and reach someone in India,” Tur writes.

However, she counters, “I don’t get why protesting a broken political system also means you need to protest the very notion of objective truth.”

But with the amount of fake news stories the so-called “mainstream” media have published about Trump, his supporters are right to discount what they read in legacy media outlets.

Tur’s own book proves it.

She comes clean with the fact that Trump’s impending victory made her sick.

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