Arizona Senator John McCain has seized every opportunity to sabotage President Donald Trump.

But the RINO Senator just took his efforts to a whole new level.

In his latest challenge to Trump, McCain sent out one tweet that will make your stomach turn.

Donald Trump’s performance at the G-7 conference thrilled his allies and infuriated his globalist enemies.

Trump showed what “America First” meant when he defended his plan to slash the over $500 billion trade deficit by renegotiating trade deals that have enriched other countries at America’s expense.

The President also withdrew America from a consensus statement put together by the G-7 nations about a commitment to free trade after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched a cowardly public attack on Trump after he left the meeting.

After eight years of Obama working to weaken America to advance a globalist agenda, Americans cheered the fact that their President was loyal to his country as opposed to the “liberal world order.”

But not everyone believes America should come first.

McCain fired off an unprecedented tweet attacking the President for his America First trade agenda.

The Arizona Senator claimed millions of Americans supported the globalist agenda of open borders, mass migration, and so-called “free” trade deals.

This supreme act of disloyalty shocked millions of Americans.

Politics is supposed to stop at the water’s edge.

And the President speaks for America when he travels to foreign countries.

The Commander in Chief should be able to expect a united front when he is on foreign soil.

But to globalist and swamp creatures like McCain, Trump is committing the “crime” of rejecting the liberal world order.

Critics attack Trump for supposedly not believing in “American exceptionalism.”

The reality is, Trump is the only one who actually believes America is exceptional.

Globalists believe the U.S. is just one nation out of many.

Trump is putting the idea into practice that America is exceptional and stands out on her own.

That’s what makes him a threat to the established powers.

And so the establishment is going to lash out.

But McCain’s tweet attacking the President and labeling him a disloyal enemy of American values is a shocking escalation in his war on President Trump.

The two have long been adversaries.

Trump campaigned on and won on a Make America Great Again agenda that cosigned McCain’s pro-amnesty, pro-endless war, and pro-global trade deal brand of “Republicanism” to the trash heap of history where it justly belongs.

McCain withdrew his support for Trump after the Access Hollywood tape leaked, which meant he was effectively supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

The Arizona Senator then sabotaged Trump’s push to repeal and replace Obamacare by siding with the Democrats when he cast the decisive vote against the legislation.

Voting against the President is one thing.

But McCain actively undermining his negotiating position on the world stage is an act of subversion that defies historical precedent.

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