John McCain is determined to ruin Donald Trump’s presidency.

He just executed a horrible double cross.

And it’s really bad news that could put the Democrats one step closer to impeaching Trump.

Right now Republicans are clinging to a narrow 52-48 Senate majority.

And there is a special election in Alabama on December 12th to fill the remainder of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s term in office.

Judge Roy Moore upended the establishment and defeated the Mitch McConnell backed incumbent Luther Strange.

And ever since his victory, the swamp has unleashed their attack dogs on Judge Moore.

The latest smear involves 40 year old allegations—which have surfaced just one month before the election.

But none of the accusations made by the woman who claims Moore tried to initiate a sexual encounter with her when she was a young girl are substantiated, nor do they line up with the manner in which Judge Moore has conducted himself.

But establishment Republicans leapt at the chance to rid themselves of Moore and piled on.

One by one the swamp creatures denounced Moore and demanded he leave the race on the basis of mere accusations.

John McCain led the charge and claimed Moore had no business being a Senator.

But those attacks didn’t drive Moore from the race.

He stood his ground and pointed out that the establishment unleashed their attack dogs to send a message to Christian conservatives across America.

So McCain escalated his campaign against Moore and raised the possibility of the Senate voting to expel Moore should he win.

Breitbart reports:

“On Tuesday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) addressed the sexual misconduct accusations leveled against former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

McCain said, “We have to find out whether the people of Alabama choose him or not. Then you explore the various options. ”

He added, “But he should not be a United States senator.”

McCain and his allies in the swamp are pulling every trick in the book to hand this election to the Democrats.

And should Moore lose, Democrats will be one step closer to regaining the Senate majority and moving on to impeaching Trump.