John McCain has consistently worked to undermine President Trump’s policies.

Voting against legislation is one thing. But undermining the Commander-in-Chief on foreign affairs crosses a line.

And McCain ventured into the territory of disloyalty when he put his name on this piece of paper.

Globalists like John McCain are horrified that President Trump is putting his “America First” agenda into action.

At a recent NATO summit, President Trump demanded member nations meet their pledge of spending two percent of gross domestic product on national defense.

Trump – and many Americans – are outraged that European countries fund lavish welfare states while counting on the United States to fund defending the continent.

Globalists like McCain were further enraged when Trump held a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin after their private meeting and President Trump refused to fall for the media’s trap in trying to get him to admit his election was illegitimate.

The D.C. swamp accused the President of being soft on Russia. Politicians in both parties hunted around for ways to escalate conflict with Moscow and undermine President Trump’s ability to cut a deal with Putin on key global security issues like North Korea and Syria.

McCain was at the center of this effort and he attached his name to legislation sponsored by Colorado Senator Cory Gardner which would prevent the President from withdrawing the United States from NATO without a Senate vote.

A statement on Gardner’s website read:

“NATO is the most successful military alliance in history, and any effort to abandon it would be a monumental mistake,” said Senator Gardner, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “I support the United States’ continued commitment to the alliance, including the provisions that require the armed support of all members in case of an attack on any one member, as was exercised after the 9/11 attack against the United States. As the Constitution requires and this legislation reaffirms, any change proposed by this administration or future administrations regarding America’s standing in this alliance can be done only with the advice and consent of the Senate.” 

This legislation has zero chance of passage.

And even if it did, Trump would never sign it.

But McCain – and other anti-Trump Senators – still thought embarrassing the President of the United States was a worthy goal.

President Trump campaigned on getting tougher on NATO countries that shirked their responsibility to pay for their own defense and working with Russia to defuse crises in global hot spots.

It’s not up to John McCain – or any Senator – for that matter to set foreign policy.

That power resides solely with the President of the United States.

John McCain has championed a platform of militarism and globalism for his nearly 40 years in both the House and the Senate.

It was soundly rejected by the American people in 2016 when Donald Trump won the Presidency campaigning against the failed foreign policy of swamp creatures like John McCain.

But rather than accept the will of the voters and support the Commander-in-Chief’s efforts to bring about peace and stability, McCain is stabbing Donald Trump in the back.

Where do you think this act of betrayal by McCain ranks on his list of sellouts?

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