Jill Biden let slip a stunning insider fact on how the Democrats have changed over the years.

It’s a smoking gun that will cause America major problems.

Joe Biden’s wife accidentally told a secret that could destroy the Democrat Party.

There is a great divide happening in America that is as great as the divide that split the North and South before the Civil War.

People in America are becoming increasingly separated by political differences.

Pew Research has found that in the last decade the difference between individuals in politics is the greatest divide in American public life. It’s a bigger divide than race, ethnicity, wealth, or education.

People are more likely to live in a neighborhood that predominantly favors their political viewpoint than they were a decade ago.

But it isn’t the Republican Party that’s changed, it’s Democrats that had grown increasingly radical over the years.

Bernie Sanders, who has come out at the top of a recent national poll, is an open communist who in the past has said that breadlines were a good thing because it meant that the people could eat.

There’s not just a difference in policy between Republicans and Democrats, there’s a difference in ideals.

The Democrat Party is heavily communist at this point and thinks that history has been defined by the rich oppressing the poor but that the poor will rise up and rid themselves of chains of oppression and create a better world of equality.

The Republicans hold the traditional Judeo-Christian ethical framework that America was founded on and that Democrats used to hold to as well.

These different world views are dividing America.

Jill Biden admitted that people from different political parties can’t even be friends anymore.

According to The Washington Examiner:

Berman said he thought Jill Biden considered (Sen. Lindsey) Graham “as a friend,” but she corrected his statement to the past tense, indicating the relationship had soured.

Jill Biden added, “Well, you know, Lindsey — I don’t know what happened to Lindsey. And we used to be great friends and friends with John McCain. I mean, we traveled together with the Foreign Relations Committee. We’ve had dinner. You know. And now, he’s changed.”

The host then asked if she still considered him a friend, and Jill Biden answered, “You know, it’s hard when you — I don’t know — consider somebody a friend, and they’ve said so many things, so many negative things. And it’s — that’s been a little hurtful.”

The scary thing is that Joe Biden isn’t the radical among the Democrats, he’s the moderate who’s said that Democrats should be willing to work with Republicans.

If even the moderate Democrats aren’t willing to be friends with Republicans, politics are going to become increasingly hostile.

The Democrats are getting to the point where they don’t think that Republicans should be allowed to express their opinions.

It’s why all Americans should be watchful of Democrats trying to take their freedoms away.