President Trump’s lawyers made their case that Joe and Hunter Biden engaged in corruption in Ukraine.

It was the first time the American people learned the facts about the Biden family’s shady dealings.

Joe Biden’s crimes were put on trial. And no one expected this verdict.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi took center stage on day two of the President’s lawyers’ opening arguments.

Adam Schiff and his rogue gallery of House Managers committed a tactical error during their opening arguments when Schiff and his motley crew spent time trying to cover up the clear conflicts of interest on the part of Vice President Biden after his son Hunter took an $83,000 a month job on the board of directors for the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma in an example of what many saw as typical swamp influence peddling.

Bondi pointed out that when Burisma offered Hunter Biden a seat on their board of directors it was under investigation from Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

Hunter Biden had no knowledge or experience in the energy industry.

The only reason to hire Hunter Biden was to gain access to Joe Biden.

At the time Burisma hired Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden was quarterbacking the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

Burisma clearly believed it was to their benefit to have friends in high places.

Bondi also played clips of testimony from Deep State loyalist and State Department official George Kent who was forced to admit that the Obama administration expressed concerns over Burisma hiring Hunter Biden because it presented an appearance of a conflict of interest.

Two years after Burisma hired Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden blackmailed Ukraine into firing Shokin or else lose out on a billion dollars in aid from the United States.

While Shokin’s investigation into Burisma was closed at the time many Americans question if this wasn’t payback as part of a quid pro quo between the Ukrainian government and the Biden family.

Biden campaign rapid response director Andrew Bates fired off a statement that did not deny the allegations, but only cited fake news media outlets as their defense against Hunter Biden’s clear grift.

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“We didn’t realize that Breitbart was expanding into Ted Talk knockoffs. Here on Planet Earth, the conspiracy theory that Bondi repeated has been conclusively refuted. The New York Times calls it ‘debunked,’ The Wall Street Journal calls it ‘discredited,’ the AP calls it ‘incorrect,’ and The Washington Post Fact Checker calls it ‘a fountain of falsehoods. The diplomat that Trump himself appointed to lead his Ukraine policy has blasted it as ‘self serving’ and ‘not credible.’ Joe Biden was instrumental to a bipartisan and international anti-corruption victory. It’s no surprise that such a thing is anathema to President Trump,” Bates’ statement read.

But the verdict came in on Bondi’s performance and even fake news CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin confessed on air that she scored on her arguments that Burisma hiring Hunter Biden was “sleazy.”

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