Former Vice President Joe Biden remains the Democratic frontrunner for President of the United States.

But his campaign is in serious trouble.

And it’s all because the Biden campaign was left panicking after one massive red flag popped up.

If the polls are any indication, former Vice President Joe Biden will emerge as the eventual Democratic nominee for President in the 2020 elections.

If that happens, he will end up facing off against President Donald Trump for control of the White House for the next four years.

But while Biden has remained at the top of most Democratic polls for months now, his campaign remains on shaky ground.

Biden is a weak frontrunner at best.

And every new week brings a fresh set of challenges that threatens to topple him as the leader of the Democratic primary field.

But there’s one danger in particular that has the Biden campaign freaking out like never before.

And it’s something that he never saw coming.

A new YouGov poll shows that Biden’s position at the top of the field is finally coming apart.

Biden had been dominating nearly every poll that had been conducted for the Democratic primary since he announced his campaign earlier this month.

But YouGov is now showing that Biden is polling at just 21% of the primary electorate.

Worse yet, over 40% of Democrats remain undecided.

And with Democrats like Elizabeth Warren hot on his heels, Biden may be on the verge of giving up the top spot to the most far-left Democrat in the entire field of 25 candidates.

Biden remains in a poor position among younger and more liberal Democrats.

While candidates like Warren and Sanders are polling strongly with them.

This could be the demographic that could doom him when the first primary states roll around in early 2020.

Biden’s campaign still remains confident that the former Vice President is in a strong position to clench the Democratic nomination, but the truth is that Biden’s campaign is struggling to keep ahead of surging rivals across the field.

And the biggest fear among pro-Biden Democrats is that as the field narrows, the candidates who oppose Biden will begin to combine their support behind one candidate best suited to defeat him.

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Whether that’s Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or someone else entirely, the fact remains that Biden has to improve his polling numbers quickly if he wants to head off this danger before the first primary states cast their ballots in 2020.

If he fails to do so, he runs the serious risk of losing everything in a short amount of time.

And with Biden having never even shared a debate stage with Warren thus far, the potential for her to destroy him on a host of liberal issues that excites the party in the coming debates remains a very real danger for him and his team.

Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee for President?

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