Joe Biden

Likely Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is scrambling to figure out how to stay in the national conversation.

The coronavirus outbreak forced the presidential election into the background and Democrats are worried Biden is losing ground to President Trump.

Things went from bad to worse because Joe Biden went on TV. What happened next was the biggest humiliation of his life.

As part of “Sleepy Joe” Biden’s retooled campaign strategy, the former Vice President began appearing on fake news CNN and MSNBC for TV interviews to try to break through as President Trump dominates the national scene by giving daily televised briefings.

When Biden appeared on MSNBC with RINO host Nicolle Wallace, Biden presented a picture of a confused old man that had no idea where he was or what he was talking about.

Wallace tried to tee up a softball for Biden by asking the former Vice President about how he would handle the coronavirus pandemic should he get elected.

Biden offered up a rambling and incoherent answer that was a repeat of things Donald Trump is already doing.

“‘USA Today’ saying that, you know, a pandemic is coming. We have to be better prepared. We should have been in a position, I called for a while ago. I would enforce the Defense Production Act. I would be surging equipment and personnel. I would be moving in a direction where we had the United States military, which I called for several weeks ago building hospitals like finally happening in the National Guard helping in New York with, you know, at the Javits Center. We have this capacity.

“Most of all, I would be protecting our docs, nurses, and first responders because if we lose them, we are in real, real trouble. We should be making those masks, moving on those ventilators. We can do that. Why doesn’t he just act like a president?”

But the interview spiraled out of control when it dawned on Biden how ridiculous his answer was and called his own remarks stupid.

Wallace tried to rescue the former Vice President, but Biden was not alert enough to pick up on the signal and plowed through her rescue effort.

Breitbart reports in the exchange:

Biden apologized, “That’s a stupid way to say that but I really –”

Wallace who had begun her next question said, “Donald Trump was asked on —”

Biden apologized again, “Sorry.”

Wallace said, “Go ahead.”

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Biden said, “No. No. Probably best I don’t.”

Americans wondered if Biden would continue to sit for these interviews.

The former Vice President’s best chance for victory may be to disappear from the campaign trail and roll the dice on how the American people judge Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Because if the election is a referendum on Joe Biden, Trump will emerge victorious.

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