Joe BidenJoe Biden was hoping to use his former position as Vice President to score an easy win in the presidential election.

But that isn’t going as planned, especially with Barack Obama downright refusing to help him.

And now Biden is terrified after getting news that changes everything.

At the start of the 2020 election, Joe Biden was seen as the top contender who no other candidate could catch up to.

The conventional thinking among Democrats and talking heads on television was that Biden is the safe bet and that he can use his name recognition to combat President Trump.

But one thing that most didn’t seem to account for is that much of what Biden is recognized for are not popular issues for voters.

After being in public office for decades, he has a long record of mistakes that are coming back to bite him.

And Biden also continues to embarrass himself with ridiculous and sometimes outright offensive gaffes that are only becoming more frequent as he continues on the campaign trail.

So his massive lead in the polls continues to fade away.

His most visible drop in the polls came in the wake of the first presidential debate, where Sen. Kamala Harris put Biden on blast for his statements on race.

Just days before the debate, Biden had given strong praise to a number of segregationist Senators.

And on top of that, Biden had previously been an opponent of desegregating school buses.

When Harris pointed this out, Biden had no real response, and it proved to be devastating for him.

While that day won’t go down as the day Biden’s campaign died, it surely does mark the day where his momentum began to diminish.

And now there are Democrats finally within striking distance of Biden.

A new IBB/TIPP poll shows that Elizabeth Warren is just four points behind Biden.

While Biden has the lead with 28% of the vote, Warren comes very close with 24%.

The next closest and only other candidate to have a double digit polling number is Bernie Sanders, who brought in 12%.

At this point, Warren seems to be the only candidate climbing in the polls.

And many of those voters coming on her side are doing so because of just how close she is to leading Biden.

Democrats are clearly becoming fed up with Biden.

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As time goes by, it is likely that Biden will fall completely off the map, similarly to how Jeb Bush did during the 2016 election on the Republican side.

Bush had all the establishment support in the world, and more money and endorsements than anybody else.

So he had an immediate lead that only continued to grow until Bush had to begin opening his mouth.

Once on the debate stage, Bush was annihilated, largely by then-candidate Donald Trump.

Democrats who are fed up with Biden would be wise to look at the 2016 election to form their opposition to Biden.

Do you think Joe Biden could beat President Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.