Joe BidenDespite being the early favorite for the Democrat nomination, Joe Biden isn’t doing well.

His campaign truly is falling apart.

And he just got shocking news proving he’ll never be president.

While Joe Biden still appears to be ahead in some national polls, his campaign truly is beginning to flop.

After being hit by a series of scandals, each one seemingly worse than the last, he is hurting badly.

And in the key state of Iowa, his standing in the polls just got worse than it ever has been.

A new Civiqs survey shows that Biden is in fourth place in the vitally important state.

He is behind Elizabeth Warren, who brought in 28 percent of the vote, along with Pete Buttigieg, who has 20 percent, and Bernie Sanders, who has 18 percent of the vote.

And to make matters worse, he isn’t even close to catching up with Sanders, considering that Biden has a pathetic 12 percent of the vote.

Iowa is known for its status in elections.

Their caucus is the first in the nation and sets the tone for the rest of the race.

In 2016, 2008, 2004, and 2000, the winner of the Iowa caucus on the Democrat side went on to be the party’s nominee for president.

If Biden cannot increase his support soon, he truly is doomed.

At this point, it seems as though Biden is even realizing that his campaign is coming to an end.

His campaign continues to make a ton of lazy blunders that don’t seem like something a serious campaign would do.

Recently, after announcing his new Hispanic outreach effort, “Todos Con Biden,” meaning “All with Biden” in English, he forgot to purchase the website for it.

President Trump ended up buying the website for Biden’s effort, and instead put up an anti-Biden ad on the page.

The website now only features the text “Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos. Joe is all talk,” in both English and Spanish, along with a link to the official “Latinos for Trump” website.

Biden may simply not care anymore.

His campaign was supposed to be his last chance at becoming president.

After eight years of being in Barack Obama’s shadow, he was hoping to finally be the man in charge.

But it didn’t take long for his campaign to face major setbacks.

His first setback was the fact that his former boss, Obama, refuses to endorse him.

Biden claims he asked Obama not to endorse him, but sources claim that Obama is outright refusing to do so, and that he urged him not to run in the first place.

And while Obama won’t endorse him, he recently got involved in the Canadian election, endorsing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a contentious election.

So he isn’t willing to support Biden, but he’s willing to get involved in foreign elections.

At this point, it’s miraculous that Biden hasn’t dropped out.

He may simply be too embarrassed, or he may be naïve enough to think that he can win.

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